Anonymous: You’re on my radar


Only terrorists commit a crime, then through the media take credit for it, while wearing masks to hide their identity.

Anonymous uses fascism, xenophobia, and religious persecution as excuses for committing criminal acts against a USA presidential candidate – not intelligently thought out – which means they don’t really need an excuse. They just want the attention. They need to be sporadically on the map, making people fear them and what they, Anonymous, can do and will do to them, if their target doesn’t meet their demands.

Anonymous are terrorists. Stupid terrorists. Wait till you get caught and the world sees you for the wimpy, sniveling, nose wiping, whiny little perverted people you are.

Sneaking into people’s private spaces is something that religious intolerant, xenophobic, fascists do. Fascism is characterized by forcible suppression of political opposition. It’s sick and dangerous.

Anonymous are descendants of Mussolini and Hitler.

The only valid question here: Who is attempting to forcibly suppress Donald J. Trump’s right to run for president and right to free speech and the populace’s right to vote for him? Establishment politicians.

So, Anonymous supports the establishment’s goal to suppress Donald Trump, by committing a crime against Donald Trump for the purpose of pleasing the establishment, and forcibly blocking, through terrorists means, Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.

The world doesn’t need nor want terrorists interfering with nor manipulating elections in any country. That’s called election-fixing, election fraud. It’s a crime. It’s extortion – quit or we’ll make your life a living hell, and the lives of your family a living hell. Who does that sound like?

The mask can’t shield you from me. It’s a done deal.

“Salah Abdeslam, eighth terror suspect in the Paris bombing, was taken into custody wounded, but alive, after a raid in the Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels.”

Right out in the open, right under their noses – just like always.

I always get my target. You’re on my radar, and you don’t get off my radar, till you get caught. These boots are already on the ground.

It’s just a matter of timing.

And I have perfect timing – unlike you.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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