Two-thirds of U.S. Corporations Did Not Pay Federal Income Tax From 2006 to 2012 according to World News Report-EIN News.

Congress keeps passing laws that make what these corporations do to avoid paying taxes legal. For anyone else it would be criminal. That’s discrimination and discrimination results in enslavement – the enslavement of ninety-nine percent of the world.

It’s legalized fraud. Congress needs to be held accountable and punished when they violate their responsibility to serve all of the people – not just the one percent whom they now serve. Legislating is a serious action.

Remember: Prejudice leads to discrimination – discrimination leads to enslavement – enslavement leads to torture – torture leads to slaughter – if left unchecked.

There needs to be consequences when they abuse their legislative power. There needs to be a legal mechanism by which to hold members of congress legally responsible. Impeachment, fines and/or jail time. See how they like those ‘for profit prisons’ they’re so hot to send everybody else off to, whom they consider a threat to society, for committing a minor offense. See how they like being confined to a 9 x 9 foot cage for a few years – with a bunk mate.

What congress is doing is not a minor offense. What congress is doing adversely effects ninety percent of the world population. Even when, every now and then, corporations are made to pay via a law suit brought by the Federal government, congress who passed the laws to pave the way for the corruption are left untouched, and the money procured by the judgment doesn’t go to the people it hurt, it goes to the government. That needs to change too.

There needs to be an independent body that oversees members of congress – not made up of congresspeople. That’s like telling the criminals to oversee themselves.

There’s a lot to be said for the phrase: ‘They’re all a bunch of crooks’. We’ve all been saying that for decades and nothing has changed. We accept what we can’t change, because we’re told it’s too complicated. Congress always has more pressing issues to address. But what do they really address? Anything that helps ‘we the people’ ends in a stalemate – in grid lock – while the laws passed that benefit the rich slide through with ease. There’s no debate. ‘We the people’ never even hear about it.

I often wondered why once people get elected, most of them become rich. I guess now I know. They’re all a bunch of crooks.

It’s time to change all that. It’s time to shake up congress. We can’t blame the lobbyists. We need to blame the elected officials who can be bought. Notice how congress always shifts the blame away from themselves?

Campaign finance reform is at issue here, prior to being elected, but once elected there are no controls in place, no rules that even define corruption, no code of conduct even – except lie, cheat, steal, don’t get caught.

We call out every other nation on their internal corruption, except our own. It’s time to look at our own system and how it’s degrading our country and every other country with which we do business.

It’s time to make congress pay for their abuses against ‘we the people’.

Better now than later. It’s only going to get worse.

Ever wonder why congress can pass laws dictating who can’t be sued? It’s not their right as legislators to determine who can and can’t be sued. Too big to fail? More like too big to be sued.

Now that’s a dictatorship begging to be overthrown.

‘We the people’ are the majority – a big majority – a huge majority – yet we’re treated like a tiny minority.

The USA is ripe – for a revolt by ‘we the people’.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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