There's nothing inherently normal, natural nor good about wanting to hold onto old ways. Being nostalgic for slaughter is perverse. The method is not what makes enslavement, torture and slaughter humane. Humane does not include enslavement, torture and slaughter. Those who want others to feel pain are sadistic. It's not enough that they need to... Continue Reading →



Lots of racist jokes have been made over the years in the USA regarding Chinese laundries - and we all continue to laugh at them. I see this ad as "revenge is best served cold" by the Chinese. Actually, it's so in your face funny and open, that it's brilliant.  

PALMS VS THUMBS Palms to the right of us. Palms to the left of us. Reaching outward, welcoming as if by their nature–to endure thus survive. No thumbs here. Should I really discriminate against the thumbs– symbolized for ages as squashing those who happen in their way? No. Probably not. Try doing anything without a... Continue Reading →

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