Enjoy your moment in the sun. With all the privilege the world thought you had because you were white, it took you this long. How old are you?

No one worked longer or harder than you did to finally demolish the ceiling you shattered long ago, a ceiling that should have disintegrated under the pressure of prejudice, a ceiling that was kept from crumbling – till now – by the prejudicial thoughts and actions of all humankind (including women who were taught to discriminate against their own).

The world did not succumb to change. The world embraced the truth, instead of perpetuating the lie that all women are inferior to men in all ways and forever.

The world dispelled that long-standing prejudicial myth that divided humankind. Now we can truly unite as liberation heals the wounds of that injustice created by the enslavement of half the human race.

Most others would have given up the fight to the younger generations, but the younger didn’t think they needed to fight that fight. They erroneously thought that battle had already been fought and won. The fact that they weren’t interested made you more tenacious.

When you liberate women, you liberate men. When women are free there will be no prejudice among peoples, there will be no war to come home from. The animals will roam free and the planet will rest peaceful as it readies itself for new achievements, where the goals more closely resemble the accomplishments in a free to be, free to earn, free to soar environment – at once and for all.

Every woman in the world should be thanking you for taking the hits that they couldn’t stomach, by keeping that light you lit in their soul burning bright for themselves and current generations, so the current generations can light the way of the future without prejudice.

You never dimmed that light in yourself to shield yourself from being targeted. And no one has been able to extinguish it, though they tried.

Let the whole world remember that fifty percent of the worlds population is not always right and that it takes only one percent to sway the world into darkness.

Hillary Rodham Clinton did not win anything. She earned it.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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