TVIA (TerraVia Holdings, Inc.) I bought in at 1.00$ per share on 02-15-2017

COMPANY PROFILE: TerraVia Holdings, Inc., formerly Solazyme, Inc., is engaged in creating food, nutrition and specialty ingredients from algae. The Company operates through two segments, which include Algenist, and Ingredients and Other. The Company’s platform uses microalgae to produce triglyceride oils, proteins, fibers, micronutrients and other ingredients. The Ingredients and Other segment includes the sale of its Encapso product and oils. The Company develops and commercializes products for specialty food and nutrition ingredients, animal nutrition ingredients and specialty personal care ingredients. The Company offers Algenist branded skin and personal care products. Its primary products are oils and fats; powdered ingredients, including proteins, lipids, fibers and micronutrients, and other bioproducts. The Company offers AlgaVia Microalgae Food Ingredients and AlgaPur algae oils. The Company offers a range of food oils, including AlgaWise High Stability, AlgaWise Ultra Omega-9 and Thrive.

“Harnessing the power of algae, the mother of all plants and earth’s original superfood”



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