In the future I see there is no in-between pauper and privileged – only people trying to act like they’re in-between.

Nobody likes rich people, even rich people don’t like each other. It’s all fake when you see them being nice to each other in public. In private they’re all paranoid.

Nobody likes poor people either. Even poor people don’t like poor people. All this camaraderie when they see each other in public, showing some kind of unity, makes them feel connected and powerful. They hardly know each other.

Rich people hate poor people, because they drain their resources and make them feel uneasy. Poor people repulse rich people. They fear what repulses them. Poor people grovel. Rich people hate that.

Poor people hate rich people. Rich people get all the money and poor people do all the work. Poor people will act like they love rich people to their face, then stab them in the back when talking to their poor friends.

Rich people and poor people alike have no loyalty. The rich want to stay rich and the poor want to get rich, which means scruples will be compromised.

In future poor will fight to get to middle, and rich falling will fight to land in middle. But the middle is just a myth. It’s all about appearances. Can you look and act middle? Then you’re in. Everybody likes middle. Future I’m talking. Stop criticizing before I’m done. That’s a pauper and a privileged trait. Get rid of it.

If you’re going to start defining middle like you have to cut the baby in half, or like middle means mediocrity, then you’re a bigger fool than even I thought.

Get to work on grabbing your piece of the middle. Status = Middle.

THE MIDDLE IS JUST A MYTH – a myth worth achieving, a myth working for you, because you’re creating the illusion.

Figure it out yourself. I’m already working on my middle. I’m not going to work on yours too.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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