If you want to own the word ‘nigger(s)’, you’re going to have to trademark it for the purpose of commerce. A company or an individual, not a race, will then own the rights to its usage, which means the company or individual can go after anybody who uses it illegally, which means most blacks. Get ready to get sued.

You can’t grandfather an entire race of people and you can’t change trademark laws based on race. Get ready for a fight you will win or lose. Don’t cry to me because you like to chase ghosts instead of living and thriving in the real world.

You brought this on yourselves by claiming cultural appropriation when white people dressed up your slums and made money from it. Hey, you could have celebrated your culture by opening businesses to reflect it. You could have dressed it up. You didn’t own the building, so you weren’t going to improve it. That’s your flaw.

When my mother and father rented an apartment they could afford in a not so nice part of town, they didn’t take that attitude of ‘we don’t own it so we don’t fix it’. They fixed it up real pretty. A little plaster, sandpaper, paint, hammer and nails, water, soap, steel wool and a lot of work. They didn’t get paid for it.The landlord didn’t provide the tools. My parents did. And we always lived in a very nice place because of it.

Stop being so selfish.

Since when are the slums your culture anyway? I lived in lots of slums and I’m white. What do I get? I dress my own place up.

For hundreds of years you did nothing but complain, while the holes got bigger and bigger in your walls. So somebody else saw the opportunity and thought yeah, let’s dress this up and make some money. Tough luck. It’s your own fault. You don’t get to cash in on somebody else’s hard work. Next time buy your own paint and sew your own curtains and you might find the will that you lacked all these years. You don’t get to come in at the end of the race and claim a prize that isn’t yours to claim.

Nobody owns a culture. And like I say, if you want to own a word, then trademark it for the purpose of commerce.

Stop looking for pity. The world is sick and tired of pity-seekers, or those who get paid to seek pity on the behalf of others.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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