Somebody tell Angela Merkel to wear sunglasses in public or stop face-talking when others have the floor. It’s rude and creepy, and shows she lacks discipline and fine manners.

Talking about face-talking. Oh my. There are two black guys on CNN, don’t know their names except one has a show of his own and wears glasses and the other used to be a congressperson or something. If they can’t shout you down – meaning a white person – and they always shout them down under the guise of wanting a fake conversation, theirs, then they’re face-talking while the other person speaks and the camera is always on the face-talker.

Stop it. I can’t watch you anymore. I turn off the set or change the channel. It is so rude and lacking in conversational discourse. You all look mentally ill waiting to set a bomb off some place. Show some self-control. How do you get shows of your own?

I’m not even going to look these guys up to find their real names, the two who claim to be experts on prejudice and communication skills and leaders of black people. If I see their faces I get a visceral reaction.

Stop face-talking. You act like terrorists where it’s your voice and only your voice and when somebody else talks it’s your face that keeps talking over them. Who are you trying to convince of what?

You know what? I don’t even care what your voice is saying, what your face is saying or what your agenda is. It’s all bad to me.

You know what else? People aren’t watching the television like they used to. The T.V. might be on, but they’re not in the room. How do you like those results Madison Avenue?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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