Google Is Listening To You…

Or they’re allowing others to listen to you via your computer.

Google automatically turns on my sound on my computer each time I go to a site that has a video anywhere on that site.

There was no notification via email that they were now commandeering the sound control on my computer.

That blue speaker light goes on and anybody who has surveillance intentions can gain access to what I’m saying in my private living space.

Stop it. I can turn my own speaker on when I want it on. Unlike Jews who can’t turn on and off their own switches on their sabbath, I can turn on mine whenever and wherever I want, so knock it off.

Google has no right to control any function on my computer. If congress passed a law giving them that right, then go after congress and Google. It’s an invasion of my personal computer – that I own.

Neither the government nor Google owns my computer.

It’s a foot in the door is what it is and I don’t like it. I don’t need it. I don’t want it.


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