The Body Is The Flesh, Blood and Milk

To me,

Milk falls under the category of flesh and blood. You can’t eat the flesh without eating the blood – no matter how you wash the flesh, capillaries still ruin the show.

Milk is about the baby that grows within the organism. The offspring cannot exist without the milk to nourish it once it leaves the organism.

I can’t exist without the blood, so I am the blood. I cannot exist without my flesh, so I am the flesh. The baby cannot exist without the milk so the baby is the milk – until weaned from it.

To me, 

All three act as providers of protection for the total organism, while being parts of the organism to keep the organism intact, nurtured, able to fight off disease and capable of reproducing itself, given the complimentary seed to do it.

Blood and milk have as a common factor a foundation of plasma (milk plasma, blood plasma) that act as delivery systems to carry essential nutrients and components to the main organism and/or to the new-born once released from the main organism.

Since all genders of humans have mammary glands that under certain conditions are capable of producing milk, then it is the milk, flesh and blood that nourishes, protects, sustains the body.

The milk, flesh and blood is the body.

None of these three components works independently of the other. Proteins, vitamins and minerals etc. found in flesh or tissue are also found in milk and blood. Vitamin B12 is in the milk as well as in the blood and other body tissues.

Both male and female humans have mammary glands with which to feed thus perpetuate the human race.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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