Salty African Moose – it’s your turn

SALTY AFRICAN MOOSE ICE-CREAM coming up soon. It’s already been made. Just gotta type it. Be On The LookOut. It’s A Dessert.

And it’s number 3.

The second recipe did not result in any views on WordPress or Facebook, so I go to #3, not to #1.

Just so you know, I don’t go past #3 for any group. When you wait for #1 without supporting #2 and #3, then I know you to be just like the Jews who exploited you in the USA during the time of ‘pick a slave any slave because everybody else is doing it’.

And they are still doing it, by allowing you to sell drugs in their establishments, while they pay you probably what you’re worth. I mean how many people get that privilege?

It’s all so strange. So is SALTY AFRICAN MOOSE ICE-CREAM. You definitely will be held responsible for this beautiful creature.


# 1 is unknown




It’s all so strange – that you accept it and that you blame all white people for what the Jews did to you and continue to do to you.

All that says to me is that you prey on the weak white people. You’re afraid of the Jews and what they’ll do. I get it. I know it.

Still, do you have something to gain – if not for you than for others like you – by remaining silent about what hurts you the most? Those who were oppressed before you came to your aid and became your oppressors?

A long time ago in Cleveland some government people let some black people know where I would be – at a particular restaurant. They (the black people who sat beside me) wanted me to tell their story – many stories – although credible in many aspects, in other aspects they didn’t tell the whole story.

One theme did stand out to me however. “They came to us, told us about how they had suffered like we were suffering now and for us to trust them. They would show us the way”. They would show us how to beat them – meaning white people. Jews never considered themselves white people. They were slaves like us.

Then what happened?

They took our talent, like our souls and ran with it all, like it was theirs and they discovered us, a gift to the world and we were so brave and talented.

Then what happened?

We would all be rich, but instead they became rich and we all became drug addicted. Slaves again.

So, that’s all I, Sharon, have to say, because everybody knows offender language. The language used to make somebody do something they would not normally do unless coerced in a way, using language in such a way, that makes them do something that pleases others and not themselves.

So the part that they didn’t tell to me was that they wanted me to do something that they were afraid to do – implying that white people are always safe, so I would be too. They didn’t see me as a Jew.

That is so not true – about all white people being safe and privileged. My dogs, my only children family, died because of your fear, reluctance, and wanting somebody else to suffer for you, to take the risk for you.

You didn’t want to lose the privilege that you had gained – the criminal stuff that you were allowed to do. You kept that, then because I had the audacity to call a Jew a Jew, because that’s what they called themselves, you figured you would use me to cash in – again.

They used you to kill my dogs, while you used me to free yourselves from them.

I have never asked nor expected anybody else to fight a battle I was fighting. A dog was nothing to you. The Jews in Cleveland Heights knew that. They gave the order and you happily – happily – followed it. For a few dollars and the promise of something no person has the right nor the power to promise you destroyed a family – but because it was a white family you felt privileged to have been asked to do that – by your very own oppressors.

You thought I’d be dead by now. You thought I’d forget.

There is a #5.


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