Black Supremacy rears its ugly ideology of hatred on 24/7 news cycles around the globe disguised as free speech. Black Headliners steal the show along with your soul if you let them. Beware the thousand dollar cuff links. First they steal the words that they use to describe themselves, so that you can't use them, … Continue reading THE TAKEOVER


The Dark Never Changes

You stay in the dark because you like the dark. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


Black America has been radicalized. And it's spreading like a virus via the media. Madison Avenue will pay for allowing mass numbers of terrorist recruiters on their shows for the sole purposes of increasing ratings and making money. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Black Lives Terror Strategy

Black Lives Terror strategy to make white people fear and to make white people hurt for the purpose of turning them into slaves to their social, political and economic causes is terrorism. When you design your activism strategies to make people, any people, suffer, then you are a terrorist. Welcome to ISIS in America. Antifa … Continue reading Black Lives Terror Strategy

Son Of A Bitch

SON OF A BITCH Son of a bitch isn’t racist. First, Black Lives owned the word nigger. Now they own the word bitch. Next, they’ll own the words mother fucker. Just because a group of people say certain words often doesn’t give them ownership rights to those words. son of a bitch or son-of-a-bitch noun, plural sons of bitches. A contemptible … Continue reading Son Of A Bitch

It’s Your Right

I don't have to like your culture or you. I don't have to accept what you preach or what you practice. I don't even have to like your skin color, religion or the way you smell or that you're too fat or too skinny. I don't have to like your hair, the way you dress … Continue reading It’s Your Right

Manipulation By The Press

The press ruins a person's or a group's strategy by exposing it then debating it to the point of ineffectiveness. 'We the people' are not the press, and the press does not represent us - our elected politicians and officials do that. Members of the press aka journalists are spoilers - like spoiled kids they … Continue reading Manipulation By The Press

Corrupting Life

Life stops being art when life is corrupted. Then what once was called art becomes evil. And what once was life dies. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Other Species Deserve Representation

All animals need to be at the table - not on the table - when issues regarding their fate are up for debate. This means a representative looking after the best interest of the animal must be at the table when any issue regarding their welfare is being discussed or decided.  


I've been a busy beaver today. Building dams everywhere.