Manipulation By The Press

The press ruins a person’s or a group’s strategy by exposing it then debating it to the point of ineffectiveness.

‘We the people’ are not the press, and the press does not represent us – our elected politicians and officials do that.

Members of the press aka journalists are spoilers – like spoiled kids they want to ruin all within their reach to ruin. They finish your sentence for you, then create your entire response in an interview by cleverly baiting, leading, stopping, starting, like lawyers in a courtroom.

The press is not the real court of public opinion. They are puppets used by advertisers that keep media shows in business and by governments that want to control the thought processes and actions of ‘we the people’ – and by businesses that want to control what you purchase to enhance your life or pad their bank accounts, and who purchases what.

The degree and amount of manipulation by the press via all these sources is the reason behind the lack of trust by ‘we the people’ have in the press and institutions which ‘feed’ them. There is more inaccurate news circulated than accurate news – in an effort to once again control how and what you think.

They pump you full of useless information, while hiding the information you need to know to form responsible opinions on current events. It’s a giant waste of time.

Perhaps the only solution to being manipulated by the press and their associated institutions is to stop watching them until the ones feeding us inaccurate news stop.

Did you ever notice that the press isn’t really talking to you, the individual tuning into their show, but for the most part to the President of the United States or any other head of State that pops into your head?

When they need you to vote a certain way, that’s when the sway of you begins. It’s never accurate. It’s all built on the strategy of keeping you in the dark while making you think you’re in the know.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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