Black Supremacy rears its ugly ideology of hatred on 24/7 news cycles around the globe disguised as free speech.

Black Headliners steal the show along with your soul if you let them.

Beware the thousand dollar cuff links.

First they steal the words that they use to describe themselves, so that you can’t use them, then they destroy your life if you are heard using their words. Everybody knows if you tell somebody not to do something loud and clear and repeatedly across the globe, there will be many people who will do it just because they’re not going to let you tell them what they can and cannot say. So that’s a trap.

Then they remove the same words from works of art, changing forever the truth of history.

Then they take over the media, including entertainment done their way, raising up as Supreme their culture of violence, lawlessness and irresponsibility, while spitting on yours.

They spit every where they go every time they see a colorless person.

Then they take white people’s best friends – dogs – and commit horrific atrocities against them, calling them dumb animals. There are no rights for animals in the Black Supremacy ideology/movement.

Then they remove any links to your historical culture by removing your iconic statues and replacing them with their own. They change the names of streets and buildings to reflect Black culture rather than American culture.

Then they burn the cities where you live and work, terrorizing you into submission.

Then they takeover the sports arenas and force you to accept their political views without telling you what they are.

Then they pit white people against white people, like two pit bulls not wanting to fight.

Then they make you kneel before them – your new master.

Then they broadcast it all over the globe for the entire world to see the “Making Of A Slave Race”.

Black Supremacy is in the soul of every African – no matter the land that ultimately spawns them.

Then they tear down the wall to unite with Brown Supremacists to steal the final show, to strike the final blow to colorless existence.

It’s war we’re at.

It’s war we’re in. It’s called the unification of Black and Brown Supremacy.

Welcome to America, where it’s legal to buy, trade and sell athletes.

POA (plan of action): Strike terror into the core of you to make you kneel before them. Then they own you. Then YOU spread it like a virus via the media around the world. The optics. It’s all about the optics. You willingly become their slaves. Kneeling did it.

When people objected to the kneel, they changed the kneel to locking arms. It means the same thing. It’s a trick.

Black Lives don’t want a debate nor do they want a conversation. They want to be on T.V. 24/7 espousing their ideology of hate toward white people.

Conversation to them means only they talk. Unless you continually praise them, they shout you down while diminishing you and your thoughts or opinions. They laugh at all you say.

They try to convince you that you’re worthless and you need to work with them to change the world.

Frankly, I haven’t seen any world-changers on any of these shows. A lot of complainers about every little thing is what I see. But that’s a strategy too: wear you down with their constant complaining till you break and then they have you. They’re in for the purpose of controlling your thought process to their favor.

I’m wondering what this new America is going to look like – controlled by Black and Brown Supremacists.

The absence of rational thought is what I see over and over again. It’s striking how evident it is – across the board of speakers.

The absence of rational thought produces irrational actions.

The absence of a rational thought process is the primary concern.

Can it be cured?

That is my only focus, thus my only target.

The ability to think and act logically and rationally. That’s the pin.

Do not participate to appease anybody. This isn’t a joke. It is not harmless. It is a serious methodology used to takeover a nation without an army of guns.

Do not engage in any action that will be spread around the globe for every terror organization on earth to witness. You don’t understand the dynamics of what’s happening here. Black Lives Terrorists want a global stage.

A savage is a savage. The color of skin, gender, ethnicity doesn’t matter. Savage is savage – nothing less.

via Escobar movie: “Bad guys don’t play by the rules. That’s what makes them bad”.

Black Lives Terrorists want Blacks in America to be able to break the rules without consequences. Does that make them bad guys?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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