I Wrote To My Brother Every Day That He Was In Viet Nam


I Wrote To My Brother Every Day That He Was In Viet Nam

POSTED 5 Oct 2017

Chef Sharon Davies-Tight

This is what Jew writers and all other writers concur with, ‘you can never start a sentence with an “I”.

I can break the rules set by others if those rules are meaningless.

I wrote to my brother every single day that he was in Viet Nam.

I was anti-war. I did not demonstrate.

I wrote to him every day so he would not forget that he had a home.

I sat for the playing of the National Anthem at a hockey game in Massachusetts, that Jim Davies, me (his sister) and my husband (Steve) attended. I thought as I sat, how dare you, how dare you do that to my brother, such a sweet person, smart person, good person, get along with everybody person, make him into a killer.

I regretted immediately my decision to sit as I saw my brother whole but fractured stand and salute the flag of the United States of America.

I wrote a book called A Plan For The Planet – about all things big and small – 5 principles to a better life – or maybe it was in a newsletter, I expressed for the entire world to see, my regret. My regret that I will always carry as a burden, that I did not stand with my brother on that particular day, alongside of him. With him. When he had just gotten home from Viet Nam – found his way all the way back home he did.

It hurt me to see his whole but fractured body, mind and soul. It hurt me to my core.

My brother eventually read what I wrote. He said it helped him.

I stand now.

Thank you for your service. Thank you for your suffering.

Thank you will never be enough. Standing, bowing of heads will never be enough.

I am still your sister. I am still anti-war.

But what you did for all life on this planet cannot be described in words.

I love you forever.



By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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