Black Lives get it wrong again. They use hate speech against white people that they don’t even know. They judge their thoughts by the whiteness of their skin. Calling a white person a white supremacist is like calling a black person a nigger. It’s hate speech and it is not helpful. Yet I defend a person’s right to say both. Just don’t get on your high horse the next time somebody calls you a slave. Slave owner speech is just as bad.

In fact, I’m wondering why you keep wanting to attach the slave label to yourselves. You use that nigger word a lot. One might think that changing your own language might go further in raising your own self-esteem, instead of expecting white people to do it for you. Now that’s a slave mentality – expecting white people to give you what you need and/or want.

Screaming is violence. Punching and pushing is violence. Screaming, punching and pushing are part of black culture that most white people don’t like – in fact most people world over don’t like that type of out of control behavior. It’s why so many black people are in prison. They lacked self-control. When you can’t control your actions you are considered a threat to the rest of society who control their own behavior. They don’t need somebody else to do it for them.

Civil disobedience to Black Lives Terrorists means setting people’s cars on fire, smashing windows, burning businesses, looting and invading somebody’s personal space by getting up into their face to scream their rage for the purpose of terrorizing them, while their message people pop up all over television saying the protests are peaceful. It’s bad optics in addition to being violent. You like the optics. You think the optics are making the white people viewing the violent protests at home fear you, so they’ll bend to your demands. In case you never cared to notice, white people don’t like being terrorized.

A peaceful demonstration means you don’t break the law while protesting. BLT are having a lot of trouble with the peaceful part, with their logic regarding what the laws really mean, and with their ability to follow the law. That does not excuse you, however. If you think you’re tricking white people, you could not be more wrong.

If you want a revolutionary war, then call it a war. Stop calling your protests peaceful. If that’s what peace looks like in the black community, then I’m not at all surprised at what’s going on in Chicago. Hey, why doesn’t Barack Obama clean up Chicago? Because he wants white people to do it for him.


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