Alert: Cuss words used in this post. Do not read if cuss words offend you.

Fake News Anchors Are Hit Men and Hit Women. Their job is to destroy you by putting you in the worst light possible, parsing words and taking everything said figuratively, literally, out of the context of intent.

If you are in the news you are their target. They get paid millions of dollars to make you suffer. And they are everywhere.

Be wary what you say where you dine or drink. Their low-level spies are lurking with hidden listening devices and cameras. They are hyper-tonic wanna be arsholes.

Raw is where they live disguised as accurate. They wouldn’t know accurate if it wucked them in the face.

Disrupt a nation with false information and that can be called treason – not a reason for treason.

Members of congress are conspiring against the United States by conspiring against the president.