Basket Weaving?!?

Basket weaving? That’s all you got? Feathers? You don’t want to lose your heritage, your history? You mean the history where you tortured people? Murdered innocent, defenseless animals and cried that you loved and respected them as you did it? You thought killing an animal was brave? And thanked them for allowing you to trap and kill them?

Okay. Pottery? Nothing more? Don’t you know how to advertise? Don’t you care about your image? Nobody wants your head dresses or whatever you call those feathered war bonnets. Nobody wants your peace pipes. Peace with whom? You’re shut off from the world. Why? How about tourism? That won’t work if the tourists fear you.

Oh I get it. Casinos. That’s your game. What a game. Get rich by legally stealing from people. That’s it? No more? All these centuries and you still want to live beneath an animal’s skin? They protected you did they? That’s perverse: You love those you kill. Torture too. Bet you really loved them while they screamed for you to help. Did you like those squeals? You make me want to vomit. Get off your lazy asses and make something somebody wants – even if it’s only you who wants it.

You just love to spend your lives hating white people. Like you did nothing to them. Right? Yeah, yeah, I heard it all.

Only serial offenders scalp people then keep the scalps as souvenirs. What did you do with them anyway? Hang them around your necks to ward off evil spirits? Or on your walls to make you a King in your teepee? What did your kids think of them dripping blood on the wall? Did the women make furry quilts out of the scalps? A blood quilt. Your thirst for blood has blinded you. You wanted to remain separate. So you got that. The land you’re on is yours. What did you do with it all?

God is red? Show the world how so.

I mean, do you do business with the rest of the world? Did you send all your jobs overseas? Why do you keep wanting white people to run your lives for you? Create your own jobs. You’re a collection of many separate nations. Nations! Are you open for trade? Travel to other countries if the USA doesn’t want your business. Act like a country. A progressive country. What do you need? Permission from the USA government? To do business with foreign entities?

You waited too long. The world passed you by because you couldn’t stop hanging onto the past. Now they’re thriving and you’re not. Farming? Factories? Why do you need the USA to build your factories? After all these millennia there hasn’t been any engineers in your Nations? That can’t be true.

Jeeze, you’ve got some work to do really fast to catch up. That’s on you. And only you.

Excuses have become your solutions. Change it. Figure it out.

Are all the Indian nations united under one roof? You should be called the United Nations – the United Indian Nations.

NCAI = National Congress of American Indians. It’s not enough. Upgrade your site. Respond when someone writes to you, even if you don’t like it or even if you respond with a preformed message. Are you that arrogant that you only respond to famous people or issues that you ‘feel’ like responding to? Governing is based on more than ‘feelings’.

The Nations need to come together – to organize – and elect a president of all nations. Do what you want with the chief of this and the chief of that. Just organize it so people can understand the process. Stop talking about Indian pride and exhibit it by soaring with organizational skills that produce results for everybody. Shine yourself, don’t let somebody else be the polish and the cloth. Then they get the credit for finding a diamond in the rough. And you’re a slave again.

You debate too much. There needs to be something final. And stop with all the platitudes that seem to govern all your decisions. It’s the decision that’s suppose to create the platitude. Decide something new for a change.

Scalp me once, scalp me twice…you know how that ends.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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