John Lewis Makes a Huge Move

John Lewis, African legislator in the USA, went on international television and called the President of the United States a racist. He wasn’t crying per usual. He wasn’t speaking rapidly, spitting as he spoke per usual. He wanted finally for the entire world to believe him, even though he couldn’t hide the lie from his face, and take action against the President of the United States. He knew his audience and knew they’d respond to his call to assassinate an American president.

I know the call. He knows the call and he knows that someone, somewhere in the world will answer that call.

He can’t take it back. All he can do once exposed is to pray that he isn’t held responsible. He lawyered it prior to the call to assassinate. He knew his audience of terrorists wanting the hide of a powerful white man. He knew he could get away with it, that nobody would think anything of it. Wrong. I took notice.

Words are powerful. Calling a white person racist is like calling a black person nigger. There’s no difference, except that there are repercussions for the white person labeled a racist that don’t come with the label nigger.

He did it, he’d do it again. And for him the sooner the better, not the quicker the better. There is an assassin in our midst. John Lewis, African Legislator in the USA, is their leader.

The slowness and deliberateness with which he spoke the word racist proves the premeditated factor.

So why do blacks think that calling a white person racist will force them to join the cause of blacks, when calling a black person nigger wouldn’t force them to join the cause of whites?

So what is the cause of whites? Right now to stay safe from being murdered by blacks.

The call to assassinate was aired on Martin Luther King Day by an irresponsible press sanctioned by the CIA. Wrong move.

John Lewis needs to reflect on his hatred of white people who refuse to submit to him based on his color and race. All Africans need to reflect on their collective hatred of all things white and their insatiable need for white people to kneel to them.

Calling for an assassin to act against a president should be a crime. It’s scary how half the people in the USA have turned against a president like peoples from Third World dictatorships suffering centuries of oppression. Blacks in America are more free than I am. They receive more privileges than I do. Why do black people keep wanting white people to solve their cultural problems for them? It’s your culture. Live with it or change it. Stop expecting white people to do your dirty work.

Now that John Lewis, African legislator in the USA, is on my terrorist watch list he’ll never get off of it. That’s how I fly. He can’t walk it back. That beast is out of the cage.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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