The English

Let’s debate the English – for a change of pace.

The English always look for a debate.

Pose a statement and they’ll turn it into a question, then it’s open for debate.

Debate. Debate. Debate.

Delay. Delay. Delay.

Deny. Deny. Deny.

Hope you die while we take it under advisement.

Your views have been noted. What does noted mean anyway?

Let’s debate the English for a change in theme.

Anybody with an animal fur coat or a friend or family member with an animal fur coat or anything else made from skinning an animal is excluded from this debate.

Go ahead, get started. I’m not a debater.

I trust my statement, otherwise I wouldn’t state it.

Anything with fur on it, burn it. Now.

Who knows what hides in those fibers? Lurks? Okay. There you go again. Trying to debate which word works best.

That’s not a debate, that’s a delay technique.

Honest debate is not about winning. It’s about fact-finding.

Burn the coats, hats, trims, all of it.

It hasn’t been identified yet, but it’s bad.

It’s killing people. Poisoning them. Dosing them? It’s in the animal, not the process. The animal is the hair is the skin.

It enters through your pores. It loves oil, so oil up and die quicker.

Craves fats/oils. It loves scents – natural, artificial – even scents the human olfactory lobes may and may not be able to detect. All animals smell. There’s something about the human animal though.

Burn them now. Make a public display. No not the live animal you idiot. The fur you took from the once live animal.

Why are the English so sensitive about being called idiots? I don’t know and I don’t care. Always taking offense at everything. Always preaching good manners when they have none. What’s that about?

Then release all the animals on all the fur farms. That’s what they’re called, right? Fur Farms? It doesn’t really matter does it, when you know exactly what I mean? I always feel strange about putting the question mark at the end of some sentences, when clearly in some instances it belongs in the middle.

Torture chamber is more accurate.

Farm conjures up something warm, positive, inviting, safe, about grass, plains, hills, fences, sun, that stays all the way through the torture, and lingers after the slaughter in the mind of the ponderer, that is not appropriate to the deed nor the process.

But they do raise them, meaning breed and feed them while enslaving them till they grow enough hair well for you know what.

The fur animals. The terrorists skin the animals while alive, kicking, trying to screech.

What do they do with the skinned animal?

What does mink taste like? And who are they selling this live flesh to? It’s important that we know where the live flesh is going and who is consuming it. Yes, fox, bear, lion, snake, deer, all of them.

All fur and skin animals.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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