Welcome To The State Of Mockery

I don’t make fun of people. I never liked it. I didn’t like it in others. I didn’t participate when others engaged.

Maybe I was born that way. Maybe there’s a mocking gene. If so, it’s recessive in me.

That the entire world broke out into mockery mode seemingly simultaneously and laid it all at the doorstep of Donald Trump might lead outside observers to an erroneous assumption conclusion assessment that it was he who elicited caused created produced perfected and ultimately degraded this monstrous chaotic state where reasonable demands are met and received with courtesy.

The mockers of course being true to their mocking nature always blame others for their explosive mocking actions and/or reactions – much like the people with addiction or rage disorders blame circumstances beyond their control rather than their inability to control themselves.

To them it’s all about the REaction. OR, one might say, it’s much like the puppets the mockers aspire to be, wanting others, demanding that others, pull their strings so they can move, talk and even eat as their puppet master instructs. No flies on me. No responsibilities flying my way.

I am not a landing pad for the needs or wants of others. I have a master who will serve all my needs. So they really want a master and a servant all rolled into one so they can feel secure enough to play all day. Like the comfort Dad and Mom used to provide, they want a father and a mother to lead them.

It’s a strange world that emerged when the International Mockers staged their coup.

Everywhere I go people mock other people. Make fun of them. With their words or absence of words, with their sentences paragraphs pauses punctuation marking all of it with exclamation after exclamation. Face language eye language body language speaking silently aggressively angrily with stark loving crying interluding linguistics nobody heard before now.

Showing up not showing up interrupting trivializing dismissing. Humiliating beyond the pale et al. Catherine the Great created the Pale of Settlement in Russia in 1791. This was the name given to the western border region of the country, in which Jews were allowed to live. The motivation behind this was to restrict trade between Jews and native Russians. Some Jews were allowed to live, as a concession, ‘beyond the pale’.

It all falls where the mocker lives – in your neighborhood in mine.

To the outside observer, observing the coup, it might appear that the center, the figurehead, whose attention the world craves demands deserves is the person the world claims to have created their State Of Mockery (SOM), which leads the neutral-minded outside observers to awake to the startling view that the one who elicited caused created the climate for the State Of Mockery to emerge is indeed the leader elected by popular raising of the voice vote worldwide.

Judging by the emotional outpouring of worldwide Peoples clinging scratching screaming for their spirit to enter this one person’s consciousness by the route most hurtful – a person who RARELY sleeps – hoping demanding praying that he be the one to change their lives forever for better seems quite clearly to be orchestrated more by chance than design.

So the proof walks in.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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