To Brits Jews Arabs – and any others who like to dominate the dialogue

TO BRITS JEWS ARABS and any others who like to Dominate The Dialogue

“Do you know what anal retentive means?

It means you’re a hoarder of your own waste.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Brits Jews Arabs are impeding progress across the pond as they say, minimizing the size of the ocean as they like to do with every problem they face, while further minimizing the distance between two points, something else they like to do when debating – we’re not that far apart you know?

Africa and Asia aren’t even on the board, that’s how backward moving they are, always wanting to be in somebody else’s jungle though, just to be sure nobody’s mating with the elephants they consider endangered, because they’re killing them all and don’t want to go too far, wanting the species to remain pure, you know how that goes when some group claims it their duty to save another group from annihilation, by killing only half of them. Let’s go in and take what we need for the next decade, before they bring the patrols in to block us.

Fake conversations pop up whenever one group wants to do something they shouldn’t, just to keep the populace settled enough not to riot, they use actors to paint pictures that don’t exist regarding real problems that they want to solve their way as if they were chosen by a higher power who likes money as much as they do and were the only ones on the planet to do it. Out of view of course, so there’s no accountability. Don’t you trust us? Do you really think we would do anything to harm blah blah burp?

Line up – you all have a ticket to success. If you want it. If you don’t, that’s forever on you, nobody else – nothing else matters except that you show up – as you, not disguised as another someone or something else.”


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“The nature of the planned/staged fight is that each fighter participating has an equal opportunity to succeed. In Bullfighting the bull rarely leaves the arena alive.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, angry”

The conclusion of a Spanish bullfight is almost always the same: The matador plunges his or her sword between the bull’s shoulders, puncturing the animal’s heart and killing it. Next, a team of mules or horses drag the dead animal out of the ring.

(Rarely, when a bull shows exceptional skill, the animal is pardoned and, rather than being killed, lives on the bull ranch where it was raised.)

But what happens next?

A restaurant ad from the program of a bullfight at Madrid’s bullring, Las Ventas, suggested an answer: A Madrid eatery, Casa Toribio, vaunted its “rabo de toro de lidia” — a stew made of the tails of fighting bulls — and noted that the tails, or some of them, came from the famed bullring.

After the matador kills the bull, it is sent to a slaughterhouse. Its meat is then sold for human consumption, according to various sources, including Martin DeSuisse, founder of the nonprofit Aficionados International, which seeks to educate the English-speaking public about the Spanish bullfight.

(DeSuisse is not Martin’s last name; he asked to use a pseudonymous last name due to the controversial nature of bullfighting.)…

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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