Arabs, including Persians and Palestinians, need to insert more commas into their thought process so they’ll stop and think on what they’re thinking before they speak then act on it.

You know what I mean. Stop claiming ignorance. It’s ugly on you – as always.

If you’ve no time to take a break from your stream of thoughts, people will consider you unfit to share them much less sign a deal based on them.

You make the world dizzy when you speak. It’s a manipulative marketplace tic that has no place in serious global negotiations.

Speaking calmly while you decimate the planet with your bad habits and ideologies which serve masters not slaves instills hatred into the hearts of the oppressed and purpose into the minds of the otherwise weak.

You who always raise reason as your ally now fall. You waited too long.

Your pretensions can’t save you any more. Find another way.

I’ve got a crazy idea.

Focus on saving the slaves and the kingdom will save itself.

It won’t look like it does now. But you don’t like how it looks now. It stinks. To high heaven.

Everybody notices the stink except those who live in it.

A comma can change the world.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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