Respect Begets Respect

Name calling.

Black Africans living in the USA call themselves ‘niggers’, claiming it as their term of endearment when spoken black to black, or black to white, but becomes one of insult when spoken white to black.

That’s an example of how Blacks micro-manage their thoughts, words and actions when processing who they discriminate against and in what circumstances based on their prejudices, which of course if left unchecked leads to enslavement (total control over an individual or group in specific ways), torture and slaughter.

In a public setting, the level of ‘nigger-calling’ increases proportionately to the number of black people present to the number of white people in range of hearing it. The Blacks in these instances must out-number the whites at least beyond the 50% point for them to start using it excessively. It’s not only in bars; it’s in the workplace too.

So, they’re obviously more comfortable using ‘nigger’ in front of white people when they have a lot of backup, which signals to me that they know they shouldn’t be saying something, that they demand others, specifically white people, not to use under threat of bodily harm, career destruction, and/or burning of businesses.

Living in Cleveland, I hear it often.

I keep wondering why their use of the word doesn’t offend them, if somebody else’s use of it does – to the point of needing to burn a village to calm themselves down – when all about them the word is flying through the air straight from their own mouths like it belongs there.

Black Rage is manufactured into a cause by those who can’t or who lack the will to control their emotive outbursts – forming it into a natural Black human condition, accepting the role of forever slave which justifies the violent actions taken to gain financial and political capital.

Similar to the Jews who legitimized their behavior by forming into a religion and a government, that which they cannot nor have the will to change, some blacks raise up the Black Man’s Rage as worthy of respect. A forever slave deserves some violent privileges – and they will be taken.

Every group contains people who lack the will to change and would go to extreme violent means to hold onto their flaws. They have a short fuse. Men in particular, and maybe men in particular don’t try to curb their bad behavior because the social networks they live in give them a free pass. Really now, burn a city, commit atrocities, burn people alive just because you’re upset?


Savage. Brainless. Opportunistic. Dictatorial. Sadistic. Demonic. Horrific. I can think of lots of words to describe atrocious behavior. Calling someone a ‘nigger’ isn’t even a blip on the screen. So why the disproportionate response, even if it is said in a disparaging way, what did you do to provoke that name-calling? Oh, the white people should have more control over their anger toward black people?

Here we go again.

On planet Earth, respect works both ways. You can’t expect someone to respect you, if you don’t respect them back. You can’t expect someone to accept you or to care about what you care about, unless you accept and care about them.

That’s the way it works, like it or not. If you don’t operate within the parameters of the universal rule: Respect Begets Respect, then you’re considered a tyrant, and nobody wants to work or do business with you.

Oh, by the way, you know how calling one of your own a ‘nigger’ is okay? It’s a term of endearment you say?

Do you love your Mom and Dad?

Do you call your Mom ‘nigger’?


Do you call your Dad ‘nigger’?


Do you call your children or grandparents, or aunts and uncles ‘nigger’/nigga?

Think about it. In the privacy of your own thoughts of course, where you are free to express yourself absent recrimination.

Everybody owns their own thoughts.

Or do they?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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