RICH PEOPLE are fueling the protests against the Border Barrier Wall

Rich people never do anything unless it benefits them in some way. That’s the fact of being rich. Their money goals are always directed toward increasing their wealth or gaining influence or power, in significant amounts. They are meticulous about where, when and how they spend their money.

When is most important. Timing is always critical. They don’t want to jump in too soon nor wait too long.

Compassion does not exist in business or politics; it’s about looking compassionate if it’s a deal or a cause that profits the businessperson or the politician or their associated categories in some significant way.

Where is your compassion? Where is your compassion? Can’t you see us suffering? Can’t you feel our pain?

Define ‘compassion’: Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

The media demonizes sympathizers. The word sympathizer is always used in a disparaging way to describe anyone they don’t like who sympathizes with a group they don’t like.

So why ask for compassion, which means the same thing as sympathy? People aren’t dumb; they make the connection. People steer clear of anything connected to ‘sympathizer’. It doesn’t matter the group or the cause; it’s the baggage the word carries.

It’s the rich people fueling the protests who don’t want a Border Barrier Wall. They live in mansions with walls and guards. They don’t need a wall they can’t see for safety, unless they’re going to benefit financially or politically. It’s not in their backyard.

Drugs and gangs don’t affect them. Terrorist attacks don’t affect them. A bad economy affects them. They make big investments in the market.

Rich people want cheap labor for their businesses. If they’re going to bring factory jobs back to America, they need a large slave labor force to work for companies that are allowed to pay below subsistence wages.

Do the math America. No Border Wall = Rich People’s Dream of a slave labor force.

Why do they call illegal immigrants dreamers? I thought I heard them scream that they were ‘people’, not ‘illegals’. You know, human beings as opposed to other species of animals.

So what do they do? Attach a name to them. Yeah, you’re my dreama’. What were they thinking? We’re not defined by an adjective? But we think dreamer might work; it will at least make us look like we’re here dreaming to be free one day.

Spoken like a true slave.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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