RE: Drugs

Eliminate The Demand. No one SOTB (southoftheborder) says to Eliminate The Supply.

Dino Martinez says ‘just say no to drugs’ and the cartels will leave the USA. It’s the white folk using them. I say, drugs are addictive and they may not have the will to stop using. DM says, if they’re too weak from addiction, then lock them all up, since buying and using drugs is against the law.

Following that logic, DM should not be opposed to locking up everyone who illegally breaches the border. It’s against the law.

I didn’t know that Spanish people called white people ‘white folk’. I thought that was a kinder term than ‘white trash’ that black people use to reference white people.

POLISH PEOPLE who long ago migrated from Poland to parts unknown (SOTB) want to come to the USA as freedom fighters. They hate president Trump and our system of government and want to change it into something they feel comfortable settling into. Something more akin to their cultural mores. They sound like ISIS terrorists in sombreros to me.

They rationalize that if they call themselves Polish, then the USA will let them in. They’re an men with ‘aim to please’ manners. One must wonder if they call themselves freedom fighters before they get here, what groups via the USA 24/7 cable opinion news shows openly recruited them.

The Polish Brigade is on its way. Friend or foe? They’re a tricky bunch.

Some drug guy testifies at El Chapo’s trial that drugs don’t go through open areas at the border, in other words they all go through check points where there are gates with armed guards and cameras, and those in the media circus who oppose any form of a barrier wall leapt for joy. Imagine that. A person connected to unimaginable torture and killing becomes the hero of the liberal press in the USA. And who would believe anything anyone who ever worked for El Chapo said?

I wonder if there was a gate with armed guards at the end of that tunnel in Arizona that just passed like a political movement 376 illegal immigrants into Arizona under the border. Of course they turned themselves in to the authorities knowing they’d be released into the Wild West Arizona desert to parts unknown.


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