The Bad Apple Guarantee

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Try it and you’ll see. Place a rotten apple in with all good apples and before long, every other apple turns rotten.

One good apple, on the other hand, cannot save a bunch of rotted apples. In fact, all the rotted apples will soon rot the good apple.

People often say, when describing an adverse event, that there were a few bad apples, but all the other apples were good.

More often than not there are a few good apples and mostly bad apples in most uncomfortable situations.

It’s a few bad ones who start trouble and a bunch of easily influenced border-line bad apples that quickly follow suit.

Try putting one good player in with a bunch of bad players and see if the one good player turns the bad players good. The likelihood is low, since good players use enthusiasm to rouse a crowd, which doesn’t strike a rise to action nerve in the group of bad players.

Try putting one bad player in with a bunch of good players and see if that bad player turns all the good players bad. The likelihood is good, since bad players use fear and it immediately strikes a rise to action nerve in the group of good players.

Fear as a motivating force is more effective than enthusiasm.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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