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Ivanka Trump slammed after sharing photos from family vacation: ‘Shame on you’


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

22 April 2019

Ivanka Trump slammed after sharing photos from family vacation: ‘Shame on you’

At least she’s not using her kids as human shields to get into a country illegally.

Nor is she selling her children to child sex traffickers.

These Yahoo writers insert too much hatred and political and economic bias into their news article titles.

People who use children as human shields, bargaining chips and cash cows should be separated from those so-called adults.

All those children at the border are crying to go home; they’re not crying to get into the USA.

ADD-on for writing tips:

SHAMING IVANKA FOR FAMILY FUN would have been a more decent title as well as more truthful.

The “shame on you” was overkill in that title. And the title was a sentence not a title. Living in a GAY neighborhood and being familiar with their talk, my first thought was a gay wrote that title. They are the most biased group of people on every topic that I’ve ever encountered. They write like they talk – absent a filter.

Writers have the opportunity to edit what they write before it gets out; while once out of the mouth, it’s out. You can’t take it back.

A title should not communicate the views or the bias of the writer if written as a journalist on a news site.

It should be devoid of emotional bait.

And it certainly should not communicate the writer’s anger.

I didn’t even have to click on the article to read it, because I knew by the title and the intent that it wasn’t a feel good story about family fun. In fact I submitted the opinion before reading the article. I clicked it on finally when I decided to turn this into a writing tip. Of course I was right; the article was really about border children being separated for adults once incarcerated – not the First Family having fun with their children while on vacation.

Children at the border are not on vacation; they’re working underage for the political beliefs and socio-economic aspirations of their Spanish Conqueror Ancestors.

I had thought about doing this for a long time – calling out GAYS for inappropriate bias in their titles and news articles. Not all gays do it of course, but enough do it to make the method contagious whereby non-gays pick up the practice. Then everybody’s doing it.

It doesn’t take much skill to say what’s on your mind.

The skill comes in when you take the bias of emotion out of the facts presented and refrain from interpreting them for the reader. It insults their intelligence and puts into question their own problem solving skills when you decide to become their brain. You shouldn’t need to interpret the facts when presented accurately.

Yes, the opinion of the writer matters.

Then put it into the commentary, not the news article or the title.

Yes. Where you put it matters.

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