The Holocaust Museum Effect

Whenever I enter a Cleveland Clinic facility I feel like I’m in a holocaust museum.

Over the years, it becomes clear that the Jews weave into everything they design for public consumption an uncomfortable component to make you feel uneasy. They manipulate every little aspect of your environment to their advantage, whatever that advantage is. It’s always the same feeling though of somebody getting under your skin and staying like a forever tattoo.

That’s how they control the global populace unbeknownst to anyone except them. It’s easier to control humans when they’re ill at ease. Yes, we want you to feel uncomfortable. We don’t want you to be able to shake us.

Why? For financial and political benefit.

The 9-11 Memorial was designed the same way.

Slavery museums are designed the same way – to make you feel uncomfortable.

I often wonder why people want to make museums out of tragedies? They’re not a deterrent to war nor a facilitator to peace.

It seems it’s a way of keeping everybody tethered to them emotionally, so eventually all they need to do is say the word ‘holocaust’ or ‘slavery’ and everybody’s purses automatically open.

Personally, I stay clear of anybody whose goal it is to make me suffer for their benefit – as well as whatever mechanism or medium they use to achieve that end.

They take you to the depths of their despair then drop you in their pit and leave you there.

Now you know how we feel.



3 comments on “The Holocaust Museum Effect

  1. Excellent insights. The holocaust industry has been used to benefit the Jewish interests and to burden the rest of the world with guilt. As well, obsessing on the “holocaust” diverts attention away from Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians.

    But, we might ask another question here: Why the exclusivity or specialness of Jewish suffering? We do not obsess on the many millions killed by the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia, or the millions killed by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, or the Tibetans brutalized and oppressed by the Chinese, or the several hundreds of thousands killed in Rwanda in the mid 1990s.

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    • I recently saw the movie: THE SAVAGE PEACE on Netflix. “An atrocity hidden in plain sight”. The story of Jewish revenge after WWII in 1945. Led by Salomon Morel, who once said upon reopening concentration camps to punish Germans, “Once you experience Zgoda you will think Auschwitz as kindergarten.”

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