It’s time for Palestine to write their DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FROM OCCUPATION

What are you waiting for?

Why haven’t you done this? Why haven’t you circulated it? I haven’t read it. All I read are a bunch of long-winded tear-jerker stories in the Palestine Chronicle meant to do what? Make people pity you, then they’ll get on their rocket ships and drop bombs on Israel, obliterating them, so you can have your land back? What are you smoking?

You’re no different from the Jews, with your forever games.

Who is holding you back? Israel? the United Nations? Iran? the United States? the European Union? Who? Russia? You? Gaza? Well, gee, if Gaza is holding you back, then Gaza is not your friend, Gaza is your enemy. A people divided doesn’t look good in an occupation situation. It looks like half of you are addicted to war. 

What are you afraid of? Not war, I know that. Then what? Where are you going to put all the Palestinians who return, if they want that? Do you have a logistical plan? Oh, you’ll let all the other outside entities, foreign entities, decide that for you? Do you really want freedom, or do you want a better slave life? There is no better slave life. Free, means you make all the decisions, not your masters.


NOW, not in ten years. You, the Palestinian people, have to do it. You keep conferring with foreign entities and all they’re doing is stalling you. Nothing ever went well, when you thought it did. That was them tricking you into continued compliance, so they don’t have to be concerned with your status. They have their own countries to run.

Where’s China?

I don’t know. You must have scared them away with your hysteria. You act too needy. You’re too emotional. Stop playing the pity card. It isn’t working. You played it to death. Nobody likes to have to feel sorry for people and then dole out cash, that they know will not be used for growth, but for personal profit. Clean up your own corruption. Get some new, progressive leaders. 

Get out of the past.

Nobody wants to go back to Palestine. For what? Free rent? That’s what you accuse Israel of doing. So you want to copy them? Bad move. Everybody pays rent, unless they live deep in a forest like wild animals. If that’s what you want, then stop asking the world to support those aspirations, because they are flat out stupid.

Make your own way. Act like a nation that wants to participate in growth, not destruction. 

What has Britain done for you?

Nothing. So why do you keep going to them? They’re still going to do nothing. It’s their way. How can you not know this after all this time?

Hey, I’ll tell you what.

Why don’t you have Muhammud do it for you, that ‘peace be upon’ you guy, since you’re all so helpless in the getting things done department.

Don’t you think if he could have, he would have? You’ve got a break down in your communications with the person you all claim to be your leader. 

He isn’t leading you, so what do you do? 

Lead yourselves – like everybody else in the world does.

If you don’t know how, then you don’t deserve to be a nation.

You’re not ready.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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