Where did everybody come from?

Q.  Where did everybody come from?

A.  I’m beginning to think everybody originated in Siberia instead of Africa.

Q.  Why?

A.  Because it’s easier to land a space ship on a flat surface (ice or water) than in dense forest regions.

Q.  That whole boat thing too, Noah?

A.  Didn’t come from Northern Africa, unless the desert mirages are real. The boat was in China (the slow one). When all the ice melted from where it’s mostly below freezing, it floated south and picked up a lot of exotic wild hitchhikers on the way to Africa where it finally stalled out due to lack of people to push the boat.

The animals ate them all except Adam and Eve who pretended to be an apple tree so as not to be eaten alive.

Q.  So how did black people get to Africa if they didn’t originate in Africa?

A.  They migrated from Siberia.

Q.  How did they get black?

A.  They took melanin shots before they left.

Q.  So, Adam and Eve were black?

A. No. They were Chinese.

Q. Then how did the Chinese get black?

A.  They didn’t. They got off the boat in Italy – noodle country.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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