I write in many voices. I speak in my own – not much there.

I used to call writing the same as speaking, but they’re not the same. You get to edit what you write before you present it.

Speaking doesn’t allow for that, unless you write out a draft first, which many of course do. That’s why the world has speech writers, but those written words aren’t the voices of those who speak them. For the rest of the world, how often has a person said, ‘I wish I could take back those words’?

When somebody goes off script, that means they’re speaking passionately, good or bad, from their own thoughts. Most people don’t like it, because it most often isn’t popular. But, then again, those types of mishaps are probably speaking to the hearts and minds of just about everybody. So why frown upon that which you also were thinking?

For those who can’t speak or write, that’s my main job.

I seem to spend all of my time addressing the human animal, speaking the thoughts of those whose voices aren’t heard. One needs to be connected in this world to be heard, listened to, taken seriously and then considered as worthy enough to be included in decisions that aren’t designed to harm them.

As a writer and communicator, it is your job to treat those voices with respect – no matter the language or communication skills of the beast.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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