When you staunchly identify with a group, and a member or faction of that group commits a heinous act, it is the responsibility of every member of that group to decry/denounce the act and the individual who or faction that committed that heinous act.

That Muslims exhibit arrogance, when approached on that matter claiming innocence via independence thus deniability of responsibility to the group, further fuels the justification for that heinous act, when in all other circumstances they think and act as one unit.

That they don’t see the hypocrisy of their response or lack thereof, signals continued and escalating danger throughout the universe.

Given that minority Jews living throughout Palestine, decided to make themselves a majority by waging an unjust war against an indigenous people who didn’t have the might of a military machine to find back, thereby pushing them from their homes and birthland, and isolating those remaining in concentration camps cut off from the world – 6 million of them as of 2017 – is the only cause of that perpetual danger, created by the unabated process of discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter supported and executed by Jews worldwide and inflicted upon an innocent military-free people in their own homes on their own land of Palestine.

The Jews accomplished that majority through mass slaughter of what was then the current majority – the Palestinians in Palestine. It was the most shameful, heinous holocaust in the history of the world for no purpose other than to steal another people’s land, call it their own and form a majority, that continues today, while the world continues to look the other way, blaming the Palestinians for the holocaust committed against them that never ends.

A holocaust designed for the purpose of turning a majority into a minority – slaughtering everyone on the land, so they could occupy it. That is what the Jews did, and continue to do, to the Palestinians.

The Palestinians didn’t migrate en masse to all corners of the planet and then come back centuries later to commit a holocaust against the Jews. That never happened.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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