STAND DOWN JEWS – worldwide

To The World: CALL THEIR BLUFF – To Palestine: Apply To The European Union As A Member State – To Britain: invite them


Nobody spies on Israel in Israel? Why? If they claim to have nuclear weapons? Or worse, if they’re ambiguous and coy about having nuclear weapons? Something so serious as possession of nuclear weapons?

So on nuclear submarines it’s okay not to declare your load? Because it’s in the water and not on land? And who might I ask made that back stairwell deal? What body of water? Where are those subs swimming? Are they bluffing about that to scare Iran?

From what country did they get the parts and the technology, or did they come already made ready to assemble? Who in Israel assembled them. Do they enrich their own uranium? From what country do they purchase it? The same country that sends them biological and chemical weapons? Or do they have biological and chemical weapons factories?

They acquired a nuclear arsenal, a secret nuclear arsenal, for what purpose? To terrorize the Middle East? Or to topple Iran?

Ye ken, that Ayatollah always looked and acted Jew to me. Is he? Ali Khamenei – Supreme Leader of Iran. Jew, not Jew-ish.

Jews have a lot in common with Persians – they’re culturally sophisticated, they’re separatists, they have the same supremacy genes, plus Persians aren’t Arabs. They can wait and wait and suffer and suffer to eventually get what they perceive is their divine right (another similarity).

This is a serious matter, Outlawing Jews possessing weapons of mass destruction, that needs the light of day.

Nobody really thinks that Jews haven’t used chemical weapons, do they?

Nobody really thinks that Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of the Jews, was incapacitated all those years(?) because of a poor diet, do they?

Nobody really thinks that Bill Clinton’s dog escaped and got run over, do they, because a door was inadvertently left open?

After the Palestinian Deal (presented by phone was it?) framed by Jews occupying Palestine and Jews occupying the White House in the District Of Columbia and (I have to assume) congress, since congress remained silent as a protest on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s chaotic losses (twice now was it?) to Barack Obama in the Primary of 2008 and to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, which ultimately gave the Jews the Right Of Annexation, based on projections of (staged/incited) anti-Semitic attacks (notice they always include the Arabs in their plans to overtake for the Purpose of increasing their numbers en masse.

Lots of Arabs in the Middle East and around the world might feel a brotherhood and sisterhood by that inclusion, even if they know it’s insincere.

Jews teaming up with Arabs across Europe and the world against anyone not Jew or Arab (via use of the anti-Semitic word) whom they now claim (just yesterday so ye ken it was part of the plan) will cause massive immigration to Palestine for Protection Purposes.

The demand ringing loud throughout the world: ‘If anti-Semitic attacks don’t stop in Europe, then we’ll need Gaza’. They’re taking Gaza anyway. They will create the chaos necessary for Jews worldwide to come home to Palestine, growing their numbers larger than the Palestinian Population to get their long-sought Jewish majority.

With nuclear weapons? Or bombs? Of course if they have nuclear on and under the sea, everybody knows they have them underground on land and in suitcases and even briefs. And everybody knows how quickly Jews switch their alliances. From democrat to republican, don’t you recall or were you more obsessed with downing a president than taking care of the country’s business?

Nobody but those who fear their past mistakes and misdeeds being exposed is buying into it, which means just about everybody.

My advice to all of you is to call their bluff. What? Jews don’t bluff? No, no, that’s Russians who claim not to bluff. Jews bluff. A lie is a bluff. Assassinations in the name of a country or race or ethnicity that didn’t order it is a bluff. The Jews BLUFF about everything that is in their interests – short and long term.

They’re going to need more than Gaza to accommodate the Jewish immigrant influx, wheels that they just yesterday, publicly, put in motion.

So that’s what they were saving that Gaza concentration camp for, hoping all the Palestinians would just leave. But they closed the Egyptian border, so how could they leave? Not by sea, that was closed too. Do you see it all now? Like Ariel Sharon said, “they let us do it”.

It won’t stop at Gaza. Everybody knows it, but they don’t see it. It’s like everybody listens, but they don’t hear. When is the world going to stop fearing the Jews?

Why didn’t Britain contribute to the plan? Why doesn’t Britain have a presence in Israel? Why isn’t Britain, who gave Palestine to the Jews, working to undo the harm they did? Because it’s in their nature to colonize. They are those Jews. They relinquished their colonial dominance over Palestine to another colonizer – Jews from Europe.

So, you have to be invited to be inspected, do you?

Let me tell you a talk I didn’t have with a fish up the creek, struggling to breathe, ye ken, the one who said, ‘buy me a Jameson and I’ll tell you a story’? Those fishes are everywhere.

  • (fish, is it? no, no; make no mistake in how the Jews perceive your language. If it’s more than one, add an ‘S’, whether proper English word-etiquette supports it or not)

Egypt is a wanted country. Jordan, what did you do with any success? Nothing worked? Then you didn’t work hard enough. Jews brought Egypt to its knees with a suicide bomber. How many Jews in Jordan? How many Jews in Egypt? How many Arabs are disgruntled enough to crave an apocalypse?

The Jews are about to annex Gaza. What is the world going to do? I want to hear Hillary Clinton’s proposal without the word Trump in it. Go ahead, what’s your plan. Oh right, you don’t have one. Not one presidential candidate, nor anyone in congress has one. Why? Because the Palestinian Population isn’t large enough in the USA to deserve their attention, thus get them elected.

For decades I’ve heard the same schizophrenic message: the two sides have to negotiate a deal

“According to the 2000 United States Census, there were 72,112 people of Palestinian ancestry living in the United States, increasing to 85,186 by the 2009-2013 American Community Survey.”

Try to find the Palestinian census for recent years by Googling it. Not there. Yeah, so their small numbers don’t count enough as votes to warrant a fair consideration.

Israel prefers to call all dark-skin people from the Middle East, Arabs – again, only for the purposes of claiming anti-Semitism to increase their own numbers to the world view, making it look like a lone disgruntled person attacked a massive group of Semites, to which the Jews belong. That doesn’t add up.

  • Jews are erasing Palestinians as Palestinians from the earth by calling them Arabs in all the books and computer programs they write. That makes Jews an existential threat to Palestinians.

In reality, Palestinians don’t exist to them. In Israel, Palestinians are categorized as Arab Israelis. Make no mistake, Jews play every angle to increase their numbers when it suits them and to decrease their numbers when it suits them. By decreasing the number of Palestinians with words, they decrease the significance of Palestinians.

Nobody really did believe that 1/10 of 1 percent Jewish population worldwide, did they? If that were true, how did six million of them end up in Austria for the purpose of being euthanized at forced labor factories? That number has been steady for decades, which demonstrates a schizophrenic component to their reporting of their own numbers, since World War II (and before).

Even if the six million number is accurate, how is it that the Jews somehow seemed to escape every pandemic on the planet? Too few Jews is their answer? They don’t claim that large portions were wiped out by anything, except the cruelty at the war factories in Europe. That doesn’t add up. Are they immune? Are they carriers? Or their God just passed them by?

So, Hitler gave them cameras and pens and notebooks to record everything and keep all these recordings to take with them when World War II ended? I see.

And nobody in academia anywhere in the world can study what happened, except them? Why is it that Jews offer to write everybody’s history books for them? Because the Jews know everybody else’s history better than everybody else knows their own?

When somebody has a hallucination it isn’t as one might think, something horrible jumping out of a wall at you (that’s from drug-taking or withdrawing from drugs). Schizophrenic hallucinations are real looking. The only way you know that it’s an hallucination is that it’s always the same. The elephant in the room that nobody sees, except the schizophrenic, is an hallucination. But it looks like an elephant.

It appears, once again, that the Jews are treating the Palestinians like themselves, reducing their actual numbers, thus significance – only against them, not in support of them. It makes one wonder who was running those factories in Austria and beyond.

It’s difficult to find any real numbers of Palestinians in the USA. Maybe there are more than the numbers tell. It also appears that in the USA the Jews who control the record-keeping part, lump Palestinians in the Arab category. Now, everybody knows that Jews don’t like to be lumped with anybody but Jews, so why do it to the Palestinians? Did they get their permission? Are Jews trying to make Palestinians Semites? Are Persians Semites?

Jews never ask permission. They never ask a question that could have a no answer when they want a yes answer. And they never risk that someone could change their mind. So they blackmail, extort, or scare them into submitting to their will.

Israel acts more like North Korea than they do a democratic society within Palestine. Yeah, Israel should be recognized as a society, not a country or state or nation. Any entity that recklessly fools with possession of nuclear weaponry is a society – a societal danger to the entire planet.

Remember the arguments for seizing the Golan Heights, that the White House agreed with – why Israel would want a land mass that was elevated? In order to see the enemy coming? And Gaza. Well Gaza they said they didn’t care about – they’ve said that ever since they supposedly left Gaza. Oh, let them have it, we don’t want it, they didn’t love us anyway? That’s so funny that the whole world believed it. Well, guess what? They had plans for Gaza all along.

Nobody really thinks that simply proclaiming they’ll take Gaza if the anti-Semitism doesn’t end in Europe, will end the anti-Jew sentiment for what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians, do they? People who make these kinds of demands and threats have no planetary right to have or to hide nuclear weapons.

Jews scare that easily, that when someone criticizes them or holds them accountable they take that as justification for committing a holocaust and a land grab? Dangerous people in terrorist societies do that.

Well, the rest of the world doesn’t. So go ahead and continue your anti-anybody-but-Jew talk strategy to incite the non-Jews of the world and see the Jews scampering into Gaza? By sea? Through Egypt? They go to Gaza first? How? Or do they have to be processed somewhere in Israel before they’re assigned their plot of land in Gaza?

They’re considering the Golan Heights for detainment and containment purposes of floods of Jews coming to Palestine? More camps? For Jews? That doesn’t add up.

Respect works both ways, but Jews only see it working for them. There is no reciprocity with Jews. Never has been.

What makes everybody so sure that Israel won’t form an alliance with Iran? Persians and Jews? I can see it. I saw it decades ago.

The two rulers of the Middle East. Iran doesn’t need nuclear weapons when Israel has them, but Israel would actually like to see Iran obtain them, only they have to suffer for it first, like the Jews did. A holocaust of Persians. That’s how Jews are programmed. Every group on earth will suffer a holocaust by the plans, not necessarily the hands, of Jews.

So, the real reason Jews lump Palestinians with Arabs, is that Iran considers Arabs beneath them. Thus they put the Repulse Factor into the mix, hoping Iran will stop supporting Palestinians right to survive and thrive in their own country – Palestine.

Make no mistake about it, Persians do not consider themselves Palestinians any more than Jews do.

Given that Jews write the history books in the USA, one really can’t believe what they read, can they? Same is so with newspapers or internet news. One really has to wade through it all to make some sort of sense to all of it. One thing is certain though. Jews are an unwelcome society in Palestine as long as they seek to control Palestinians under the Jew thumb.

Why doesn’t the world stand down while the Palestinians control Jews under the Palestinian thumb?

To the world? CALL THEIR BLUFF when you know they’re signaling consequences for actions against their interests.

The Jews already threatened consequences of needing Gaza as an immigration depot for anti-Jew protests that may occur as the result of the lopsided deal which keeps Palestinians incarcerated in their own country on their own land.

I think the Middle East is a lot like the British United kingdom et al. One may call themselves Scotch, Irish, British, Welsh, Scotch-Irish, but in reality their ancestry profiles contain all of them in different proportions.

Since borders don’t seem to matter any more in a legal sense or moral sense, and since Palestine has existed as a country for millennia (the Land of Palestine is in the back of every bible I’ve ever seen), I suggest applying to the European Union as a member state.

If the world supports a non-contiguous state of Palestine, then the European countries that support it, can bring Palestine in under the umbrella of the European Union.

Change the rules. The Jews do. They change the rules from behind the scenes in every country they occupy. That’s what they do to make better lives for themselves. And they disregard as non-chosen everybody else.

Every military ship that is available; descend on Gaza.

No flotillas from human rights missions.

Show Your Stuff.

In peace, with the ability to defend against Israeli aggression.

The Palestine experiment looks more and more like the Adolph Hitler experiment.

It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. It will get worse – for everybody involved.

The Palestinians will not stop rising based on a 180 page manifesto that took three years to write, giving Jews control over every facet of Palestinian lives, homes and lands.

Open the sea and get those nuclear submarines out of the water for inspection, then confiscate them.

What are you afraid of? A tiny group of helpless bandits – 1/10th of 1 percent – with nuclear weapons?

  • The world already fears Jews. Why don’t they fear Jews with nuclear weapons?

Throughout the Middle East there are vast numbers of Palestinians in nearly all countries, many of whom were thrown out like trash from their own land of Palestine by Jews wanting to Lord over their land.

Jews, as reckless and heartless and brutal as they are, don’t deserve a country.

One doesn’t get the respect of the world by humiliating and enslaving indigenous people on their own land.

Jews don’t want world respect. They want somebody else’s land.

Did you know that in Ariel Sharon’s day Jews war-gamed a plan to send all Palestinians in Palestine to Siberia. Relocate an entire country of people. Benjamin Netanyahu is Sharon’s protege.

After all the colonizing the British did all over the world, they’re afraid to call on Palestine? A United Palestine? Make that call.

written and posted by sld-t

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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