When Someone Uses The Words White Supremacist

Q. What does white supremacy mean?

A. It’s a prejudicial term most often used by Africans toward Europeans denoting Europeans supreme over Africans. Supremacy refers to a group and supremacist refers to the individual.

  • As adjectives the difference between superior and supreme is that superior is higher in quality while supreme is dominant, having power over all others.

Q. How does the brain receive and decode it?

A. When somebody calls somebody else a white supremacist, they’re actually saying that the person is supreme to them. They validate the dominance of European over African.

The brain doesn’t automatically travel to Google or Webster’s dictionary to see how the term is defined in any given new edition or edits. Nor how pop culture defines the term.

Clumping all Europeans into the category of supreme or dominant over all Africans assigns a prejudice that doesn’t exist either in all Europeans or in all Africans.

One yields their own power to the dominating power by calling them the dominating power.

I wouldn’t do it, but hey, that’s just me.

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