That’s what doctors, clinics, insurance companies, affiliates et al think when assessing my condition and administering, recommending or side-stepping my care.

That’s a fact of life – sexism never leaves you, regardless of your age, if you’re the gender the whole world looks down to for guidance. You thought I’d say, looks down at? No, the world needs us, just not at the level or plane or status of the all important in all ways, male.

Even ageism has its own separate ism toward old women. Doctors of all genders give preferential treatment to old men.

It’s a fact of life. It need not be, but with limited funds to treat the sick and/or injured, the old men get funded first. In old age, the men are seen to have sacrificed more than the old women – by all genders – even the women – so it’s seen as a gift long over-due by society and families alike.

It need not be, but who will stand in solidarity with a bunch of people within natural-cause dying age? And who sets the age? Insurance companies, parliaments, governing bodies, congresses that influence, write and pass the laws essentially allowing prejudicial medical institutions to practice prejudicial medicine.

“He’s old enough to die?” Not yet, we think we can help him.

The old woman? “She’s old enough to die?” Lets make her comfortable with what she’s got.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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