Not all people or groups are good book-learners. What the world needs more of are trade schools.

Basic math, writing, speaking skills. Basic science and geography. Ethics.

Too many tradespeople learn on the job and make many mistakes in the process.

I’m not talking lazy middle or high school type ‘shop’ courses of the past. The people who are good at trades, usually excel – it’s their gift. Challenge them. Kids like to be challenged by something they’re good at.

Apprenticeships are a waste. Too much corruption, and who’s to say the senior apprentice is any good at what they do, or any good at teaching their trade to others, or won’t end up abusing the apprentice? Besides, they usually pass their teaching duties onto older kids still in the apprentice program. What’s the purpose of that? If they wanted to learn how to teach then put them into a teaching program.

Kids don’t even like school. Transform it into something useful and they’ll like it.

Affirmative Action is prejudicial and discriminatory on all levels. If Affirmative Action is to be useful, it will only be so when all poor kids are in the same category, not some races or ethnicities over others. That’s what equality looks like.

Most jobs could be performed much better if there was sufficient training. Instead of waiting until after high school or after someone has been kicked out of school, start training at the middle and high school level.

All those useless courses to prepare people for life, don’t. Even college graduates use little if any of the core courses beyond their specialty. Change that. Don’t wait for decades to do it, because you’re too lazy or too settled in the current way.

How many college graduates get jobs in their majored field of study at the four year level? Not many. The whole system needs to change.

Replace Affirmative Action with a program that benefits all poor people, not BLACK LIVES ONLY. It reeks of BLACK PRIVILEGE.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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