Cops Kids Parents Slaughter


My parents never would have blamed a cop for my bad behavior. They’d blame me. So why do black parents blame cops for the bad behavior of their kids?

Black Lives seeks exemptions for blacks from laws governing behavior. Does that mean white people too, or will it apply to only black peoples? And why do only black people get exemptions?

Blacks already have an advantage over whites – they can run faster than white cops. Plus in cities with large black populations most blacks have a family member who’s a cop, so basically they get a privilege pass for their illegal behavior.

My husband was threatened in the laundry room of the building we live in by a black man with a temper. Said he was going to punch him in the face, because he didn’t like being told to stop opening my husband’s dryer, that automatically turned it off and my husband had to keep getting up to restart it.

My husband opened his phone and told the guy to back off otherwise he’d dial 9-11. Go ahead the guy said, they won’t do anything. My brother’s a cop. The COPS came out and the white cop took my husband aside and verified that nothing would be done, because the brother was in the family.

The guy was in the building illegally and he had several outstanding warrants. The white cop assured they’d get him out of the building and he wouldn’t return – he was in the laundry room trying to find someone he could scam. That was that.

The black guy got preferential treatment and this happens often.

It’s too bad you can’t feel safe in your own building, because all the blacks have family members who are cops, which gives them a free pass to commit crimes with impunity. Threatening to punch somebody in the face is terror coming from an angry black man when there are no witnesses.

One might think that the opposite would be true, that family members of cops would want to act exemplary, but not so with blacks. They see an opportunity for greed and it’s a ticket to commit mayhem without consequences.

So this new order is going to be a gangster country. People steal your stuff then sell it back to you. Street justice for crimes committed. Paying the neighborhood BLACK MAFIA for protection. Torturing people then hanging them in the city centers to strike fear into the populace.

Why aren’t CARTELS banned in the USA? What political party benefits the most from their existence? I’d say democrats benefit financially and politically. Why does the government keep trying to make USA citizens feel sorry for Cartels, even giving them cities in which to illegally traffic in drugs and slaves? Who do the Cartels compensate for that?

Why so much history that nobody cares about, being circulated by government agencies through the media? What about the serious crimes happening now? Why focus on crimes that happened hundreds of years ago? Solve the crimes of today.

What is the government so afraid of, or is this a pre-election strategy to get the democrats in office, so they can keep the Cartels and won’t have to address slavery today in America?

I say laws need to apply equally to every individual. Not equal ratios for groups. Not every demographic commits the same crimes the same way under the same circumstances. Stop saying arrest more whites to lower the black to white ratio.

Getting away with crimes is not a deterrent to committing crimes. It’s a facilitator. The more one gets away with, the more one will keep trying to get away with.

Blacks don’t know their history. Whites don’t know their history. Nobody does. Except through their parents. And who cares? Only those with agendas exploiting histories for profit. My parents didn’t tell me my history. We weren’t interested.

Nobody reads everybody’s history. Nobody cares. A terrorist is a terrorist no matter where your people come from. Knowing history that slants in favor of the one telling it isn’t a deterrent. Did it stop Hitler? Did it stop Netanyahu?

Stop the preferential treatment to make up for a past that is over. There are scam artists all over Cleveland, everywhere I go.

Black Lives are empowering blacks to break the law, to abuse white people wherever white people pop up. Doesn’t matter where. You will be burned on behalf of Black Lives Terrorists. What have you gained by creating more division? More money? Mass releases of black prisoners? Why only black prisoners?

If this fiasco of a farce turns out to be a politically motivated strategy, then the world needs to come to grips with violence and the burning of cities being the new normal occurrence prior to a major election.

All these years when Hillary Clinton supported slave labor by saying the Hispanics were given jobs that no one else wanted, I thought, probably along with many others, that she meant fruit and vegetable pickers. Not once did she ever mention slaughterhouse workers.

All these people coming from South Of The Border are being employed by the SLAUGHTER INDUSTRY. So what benefit did the politicians receive from the slaughter industry by not revealing that truth publicly? It’s only after the CC Virus infected all the slaughterhouse workers that we were told the truth. What else are our elected officials hiding from the public domain mainstream?

It’s a betrayal of trust, that politicians would strive to keep the populace unaware of the massive numbers of illegal immigrants and guest workers being allowed to enter the country for the purpose of slaughtering innocent defenseless animals.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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