Sharon In The Raw

Sharon In The Raw

I write in individual and sometimes collective universal voices. It’s not a question of whether you agree with Sharon or not. 

I write thoughts we all have. Some muse that I have access to what mills around in my subconscious/unconscious mind. In other words the doors were somehow left open between the levels of consciousness.

Somehow I am able to function amidst all that confusion. Perhaps my focus on junctures and doors is the result. It’s just a preliminary thought. I don’t know for sure and certainly the one who farted it at me doesn’t know either.

“They don’t know us (or me)” you lament, no matter the designated group to which you claim membership, I hear it a lot. Yes they do. But in case you’re not convinced I let you know what they’re thinking.

Thoughts are raw material. Uncensored. Fortunately by the time mine get to paper, there’s not a whole lot of censoring needed. That’s the purity of it.

My thoughts are not debatable unless one seeks to corrupt them. Opinions are. Frankly I don’t know why certain demographics want to debate everything. 

Yes I do know. Where there’s money there’s debate. So right out of the gate, before the topic is revealed, the debate has already begun. It’s a stalling strategy. It’s a way of putting yourself in control, when you want to debate somebody else’s thoughts. Demand is more like it.

Usually those who are good at debate are the one’s demanding it. They know they can win with words, but not substance. A win is a win, doesn’t matter how it’s gained.

“That’s just my thought on it?” 

No. That’s your opinion.

Thoughts are pure, which could be good or bad depending on who’s evaluating them. That’s why I go with raw.

Raw is real. 

My thoughts travel in absence of malice. Revenge is not on the menu. 

I don’t eat animals or anger.

Disagreeing with Sharon’s thoughts put to paper is like telling the artist how to paint. It’s okay not to like it, but to want to change it? Or debating the usefulness of a thought. Why bother? They’re real, which means they’re relevant.

It’s too intrusive and invasive for those seeking freedom to survive and thrive to try to manipulate their thought processes. Why do you care so much?

Dictatorial. You have an agenda and you’re dictatorial. You make a mess of your own life, then blame everybody else for it. You’re not alone. Everybody thinks that way. I wonder if my dog daughter Lilly Belle thinks that way too? Probably.

It isn’t important that you change my thoughts, but that you have your own raw thoughts to draw on to help you form opinions, make judgments and decisions, to help you achieve your goals while not hurting others in the process.

Personally I don’t have many bad thoughts. Worries, yes. Wishing harm, no. Occasionally something bad shows up, but my God and I have an understanding that when my thoughts turn bad, to disregard the bad as something momentarily out of my control, that the universe provoked, but through my will to control myself I am able to delete, without much effort.

That sentence was too long. In better words, I don’t imagine people being harmed to ease my own tensions. I’m not a life-ruiner. But now and then I do imagine bad happening. We all do.

Wallowing is not comfortable – not for me. Staying mad has no value to me, so I leave it alone. Revenge is not comfortable. Why would I inflict on another what someone has inflicted on me and didn’t like? Where would that put my values? Not in a good category.

I’m going to make today a happy thoughts day to neutralize the negative effects from living in a senior residence, where deterioration and death happen to everybody who’s a senior, being white in Cleveland and trying to survive a pandemic.

Make yours happy too. Only you can do it.

Note: Whoever is responsible for taking many of the multitudinous cell towers off the roof, thanks. Hope they’re not coming back. Now, how about the others?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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