Humans Are The Most Arrogant Animals

Humans are animals.

Blacks (aka Africans) are humans.

Thus, Blacks are animals.

Black Lives indicated they would not become vegan until Black Lives mattered first.

One must ask what criteria must be met till Black Lives consider themselves mattered?

This is one of those criteria challenges that will never be met in the real world, as long as Black Lives are able to exploit their skin color for financial, political and social gain.

The answer will be never, since terrorists keep raising the bar, never succinctly stating their demands, but instead speaking in general terms that cannot reasonably be met.

Forming all their demands around a word MATTER was done purposely to keep their goal of mattering a forever endeavor, never completely satisfying their true appetite for dominion. Dictating never ending terms is the ongoing process that in their eyes will never fail them, since it didn’t fail the Jews – not yet.

So all this talk about Black Lives supporting Palestinians was a ruse, when in fact they supported the Jews. “It worked for the Jews, it will work for us”.

Black Lives are attempting to change the entire world to their way of thinking and acting. Before long no one will be able to reference a person with black skin from Africa – just like the Jews did.

I suspect that once white people have been eliminated as worthy individuals by black people, the real war will begin that has been brewing for centuries between Blacks and Jews.

Other animals are not on Africa’s mind.

It should be clear by now that Black Lives are not going to become vegan if existing vegans join their MATTER MOVEMENT.

Blacks don’t operate that way. Tell the world how many blacks became vegan since the Matter Movement occupied and burned cities around the globe?

None. Oh sure, the current fad is to be vegan – all of a sudden everybody’s a vegan. I mean everybody eats vegetables now and then, and anyone can make a fuss in a restaurant about Black Lives Mattering in order to get a free vegan meal, or animal meal if vegan isn’t on the menu. But where are the real vegans who Black Lives promised to the vegan movement if the vegan movement supported their multiple causes?

They are nowhere to be found.

Okay, what we meant was we would call ourselves vegan as a goodwill gesture. But then you have to produce something of value to us in the form of reforms at all levels of society.

• First we want an arrest, then we want charges, then we want prosecutions, convictions and sentencing.
• Then comes the reforms in all sectors.
• That’s how Blacks operate. Similar to Jews, those painful sacrifices will never leave the ‘labeling themselves vegan’ stage.

Black Lives becoming vegan if vegan organizations recognize Black Lives superior to other animals does not make a person a vegan.

A human cannot set a precondition of superior worthiness on one animal over another.

There should not be a vegan movement that sets rules of veganism that apply to all beings. It’s not a construct that can be standardized. Does the animal want to be captured, tortured, slaughtered and eaten? No. Does it cause suffering? Yes. So don’t do it.

People stop consuming animals as individuals. It is not the business of any group or groups competing for numbers to raise their strength levels to dictate those terms, by using those enslaved, tortured and slaughtered as bartering tools.

Veganism as it once was is dead. Too many rules that had nothing to do with animal abuse and consumption confused too many people, groups, religions, governments and businesses. Hey, the Jews recently declared Tel Aviv the capital of veganism when the USA moved its embassy to Jerusalem.

There is no capital of veganism. Not eating animals did not originate in Palestine. Do you see how the Jews move in and change history to their benefit – from a lie?

And too many budding terrorists too quick to act on behalf of vegans at the peril of all those animals who suffer at the hands of humans sealed the demise.

Are wealthy black people around the globe going to donate to animal rights organizations? Don’t hold your breath. If it doesn’t benefit Black Africans, they’ll pass. It’s all about their lives mattering to everybody else, not about everybody else’s lives mattering to them.

They still don’t regard themselves as animals. One must wonder to what kingdom they belong, if not the animal kingdom?

There is no nation of veganism with executive, legislative and judicial branches. There are no borders and no military. So stop trying to form one or head one, or commit military-style actions in support of something that doesn’t exist.

Stopping acts of enslavement, torture, slaughter starts with each individual.

Don’t force people to fight for you. That’s enslavement and torture. Next step slaughter.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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