Palestinian-Eating Virus

Some things can make you feel good, but not make you feel good about yourself.

The British like to poke people. Keep your fingers and metaphors to yourself.

They poke you to get your attention.

Jews lock the gates and aerial bomb those locked in to force compliance to invasion and takeover.

Jews claim they’re not African, but they act African. Africans lock people in barns and set the barns on fire to terrorize the remaining villagers into submission to their commands.

How are Jews in Palestine any different than Africans?

Is Palestine in continental Africa? Why is the world so reticent in declaring where Palestine is located? On what continent is Palestine?

Oh, the Jews say Palestine no longer exists?

Okay, if Palestine no longer exists, neither does Israel, since the Jews have occupied Palestine for decades, claiming to live in Israel as occupiers of Palestine.

So the Jews want to pretend that Palestine never existed, thus the Palestinians never existed, thus the Jews make up a new name for an old land and call it Israel and spread it like a contagion all over Palestine until Palestine no longer exists?

But what do the Jews call the used-to-be Palestinian people on the used-to-be Palestinian land?

All of Palestine is now called Israel so all those Palestinian people will now be Israelis.

Is this what the new mutated virus looks like?

Palestinians are now Jews?

Eradicate this chaotic Palestinian-eating virus before it spreads to the rest of the worlds.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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