Wake Up The Planet Ep. 11

Contrary to what others may tell you, no one needs to suffer to obtain wisdom. We’re all born with it.

God says stop looking for approval. You know if what you’re doing is right for you and everybody else.

God says stop making people feel sorry for you, when there’s nothing to feel sorry about.

It’s good to care what people think. It shows that you respect their right to their views. But when their views of you make you feel less worthy, then what they think needs to play a less important role.

God says when the world starts to come out of its depressed state it will feel anger. Neutralize that anger with hope.

God says it’s time to heal our minds. Mental health comes first. For good mental health we need our basic needs met and threats removed. No one can stay mentally well under constant threats of destruction.

God says to lose weight eat animal-free. Instead of looking at pictures of yourself fat to disgust yourself, look at pictures of yourself thinner as a positive motivating tool.

God says you can start anywhere on the continuum of no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter and reach the same goal of respecting all life and non-life. When you stop one of the five, the others will naturally fall into place. This is not meant to be difficult.

God says people can tolerate only so much news of pain before shutting it out.

God says no to forcing a person or a country into violent provocations or responses to prove their friendship and loyalty.

God says no to forcing animals to fight for profit or for any other reason. Birds are animals.

God says take charge of every action in your life by matching your mind set to the task, then enjoyment plus success will follow.

God says take the eggs out of the fried rice–and the pork, and the fish, and the beef, and the chicken, and the cats, and the dogs and the tigers. Get the picture?

God says governments need financial advisors who know how to stretch not steal funds.

God says the reason so many military people become serial killers and terrorists is because they’ve been trained to detach from the killing. Soldiers leaving the service don’t need R&R, they need to be deprogrammed in a post boot camp for the same amount of time it took to train them. Counseling only those who ask for it isn’t enough.

God says when you convert your slaughter farms to plant farms you’ll have to test the soil for evidence of disease before using it for plants.

God says cook for your animals. Cat and dog food is loaded with toxins that harm not help them.

God says ‘It’ is not an intuition; ‘It’ is an entity.

God says that people get drawn into certain ideologies or activities through the sheer force of large numbers gravitating in the same direction. Good or bad, the process works the same way via centrifugal force. The majority is not always right.

Let go of brain baggage that hurts when you think of it. Why keep using your brain to pierce your own heart? Circles of pomegranate fragrances subtly pierce your stubborn consciousness and, if only briefly, you relax to the presence of the beat by which you want to live.

God says to the Jews: since you had the gall to tell the world you were favored above all else, I choose you to raise up all else as equally worthy. Love your neighbors worldwide.

God says stop at once all stoning and amputations as punishment. How dare you call yourselves holy.

God says stop being a hypocrite.

God says to China, stop selling poisoned food and medicines around the world. To everybody else, stop selling poisoned food and medicines around the world.

God says keep holy every day, not one day a week.

God says stop fasting for God. Your only food instruction is to stop eating animals. Yes, you can eat apples.

God says when the only hope you see is beyond life, then the world has failed you. At this juncture you must create your own hope by communing with the God in you.

God says your holy books are mostly working against you not for you.

God says when the Arabs and Jews become friends the world will follow.

God says fat is the toxic waste dump of our bodies. Not good. Get rid of it.

God says stop trying to live so long at the expense of others.

God says you have a personal responsibility to keep the promises you make to yourself when those promises benefit you and those around you.

God says no to “why me?”

God says yes to positive thoughts and actions.

God says there’s a fine line between flaw and principle and it’s your job to toe that line.

God says no to digging up the past to win an argument.

God says those who make animal-free products must expand their businesses–and keep them animal-free.

God says invest in anything animal-free.

God says no cooking the books.

God says please don’t despair.

God says analyze this: Africans have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and Jews have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Whites have delusions of grandeur and Asians are repressed. It’s time for all people to help each other psychologically.

God says everybody wants change, but the government controlled media keeps saying the opposite. You’ve been brainwashed.

God says stop eating at restaurants until restaurants serve you delicious tasting, healthy animal-free food. Don’t worry, the recipes will be provided.

God says you should want people to remember you for how much you enjoyed yourself, not for how much you suffered.

God says don’t fall victim to the insecurities of others.

God says it gives us many options, some bad. The bad ones are not meant to be picked over the good ones. They’re simply there so that we’ll see the contrast and know we’re making the right choices. The right choices don’t lead to wealth when those around you suffer for your wealth-motivated choices. Did rich people think this book was only for poor people?  This is a rich person’s guide to peace of mind–something all rich people lack. This is your medicine. This is the paradise on earth you keep striving to attain.

God says to scientists: Be courageous and stop creating disaster just because you can.

God says It’s using the Semites as an example to the rest of the world. If you’re not up to it just say so. God can go elsewhere. Respect the person who isn’t in the room.

God says the solution to all problems is to make the rules to benefit all, not merely the majority. When using the five principles of no pdetas this becomes easy. Newly developing governments need to take this into consideration before making the same policy mistakes of other democracies, that will be cumbersome to overcome once in place.

God says hindsight is a learning tool. Use it. Don’t ridicule it.

God says making demands rarely results in a positive response. Request. Politely.

God says It realizes we’re all vulnerable to making mistakes, especially since we think bad options are there to be acted on, thus God never refuses to talk to and through anyone. There is no criterion by which God will not communicate. The key is being aware of it and acting on the instruction which conforms to the five principles (no pdetas). And where you’re conflicted with your own God, argue your point.

God says friendship runs deeply between us all whether we want it to or not.

God says suffering always leads to change, but change never requires suffering. How one defines suffering is a different matter altogether. If you have ten lamps and lose one, that is not suffering.

God says the end does not justify the means. That philosophy is for intellectually lazy people and governments with torture tendencies.

God says governments are indeed made up of people, but that once formed, take on a separate  identity unfamiliar to the individual. This must end–and it will. God says don’t sit back while somebody else fights your freedom battles for you and then call them quacks for doing it.

God says once people suffer, a shadow of the suffering never leaves. The more suffering, the more the amount overshadows everything else, thus their suffering becomes the center anchor of their lives. What emanates from that foundation of suffering is what should concern us most.

Some crimes cannot be forgiven, but if we’re to advance, they must be understood.

Forcing people to publicly apologize for their opinions is a form of humiliation and control. Stop it.

If you have a rock in your hand, put it down. If a bulldozer is tearing down your home, a rock won’t stop it, and your death is not worth it.

God says to the Jews and the Blacks, stop pushing the holocaust and slavery down everybody’s throats. Turn your energies to stopping the holocausts and slavery going on right now. Clean your own houses.

God says to the Jews: if you want to be separate then why do you infiltrate? Stop sneaking around underground and others will stop treating you like you belong in a sewer.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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