Domestic And International Terrorism Dealt With Differently?

All acts of terrorism are well-planned. Although to the observer they appear sudden without any warning, that’s the result of hiding the plans until the event occurs.

It’s almost comical if it weren’t so tragic that Black Lives think by planning the attacks, even giving out printed instructions to the people committing the attacks, that the process negates the terror intent. In other words, disciplined acts to them are not terrorism.

Maybe they should have studied terrorism before they started standardizing it as they went along. One of the key determinants that experts look at is the degree to which the attack was planned and then the methodology as well as the tools used.

The degree of planning is the most important, since planning takes time. It appears from various letters BLT organizations are emailing to raise money for their operations, that they’ve been in existence for a while planning their strategies, and they plan on being in existence for a whole lot longer – one of those forever scenarios copied from the Jew’s Occupation Manifesto. It also appears that they’ve kept them secret, or at least not newsworthy whereby the populace was aware of the carnage that was to come.

It also appears that anti-terrorism forces are not in play in stopping the attacks, which to other countries probably seems counter to the USAs purported interest in stopping attacks before they occur – at least that’s how their international anti-terrorism endeavors are perceived to operate.

Why gather all those suspects post 9-11 for the purpose of torturing them for information about the next attacks, if it was an exercise in futility? Do they just like to torture people? That’s a terrorist move for sure. Torture a bunch of people to quiet the radicalized groups out of sheer fear. That’s counter-terrorism. Fight terror with terror.

There’s too much confusion and uncertainty created when the government speaks in one voice, then acts in another. Mixed messages kill. Letting people burn cities because they’re upset, I mean what is that? Think about the victimization of all those citizens who live through it or view it – and the terrorists are popping up everywhere to do harm.

The only people the government tells to stand down are the ones being attacked – for something somebody did centuries ago that they obviously had no control over. It’s insane. It sounds like Allah all over again. So it’s not just the radical Jew playbook, as the black people on television opinion shows claimed to be copying; it’s the radical Muslim terrorist playbook operating simultaneously.

That the USA government would allow revenge terror attacks on its soil must be shocking to the world, especially post 9-11. What purpose does it serve to allow people to destroy lives and property? Bringing them under control should be the goal. But bringing them under control by allowing them to commit acts of terror against an entire country of people is not the way.

Peaceful assembly does not include setting fires, throwing rocks and assaulting people. You all keep saying it’s just a few – no it isn’t. If it were just a few why can’t you contain them?

It seems like our own government is afraid of Black Lives terrorists and Antifa. That’s not a good image to project or example to set.

Who is protecting the American people from domestic terrorists? Knowing may quiet some minds. Be specific and please do not wave off our concerns.

By nature of all governments, governments don’t engender trust among the people. Why? Because the government passes laws that often adversely affect some while benefitting others. This isn’t a color issue. It’s a money issue. This has nothing to do with the police; it has to do with governments expecting the populace to accept whatever they say on faith. Those days are long gone.

Wake up yourselves to the realities of the populace of all nations, territories, islands etc. Do not expect blind trust. Some are safe and some aren’t? Terrorists get freedom of speech rights, but bloggers don’t? Who can break the law and who can’t? Better start formalizing your strategy to involve everybody, not just those who scream the loudest or burn cities to force you to meet their demands.

All lives had better start mattering or this kingdom is headed for a fall.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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