Treat The Addict As A Professional

It’s my view that when treating alcohol and other drug addictions, that the staff needs to be less of a parent or similarly afflicted friend, and act more professional.

Addicted people already have scolding families and associates. That paradigm is counterproductive.

The one being treated is a client paying for a service. Insurance is a ‘paid by the client’ service, so this attitude among healthcare professionals that it’s free to the client because they have insurance puts more control over the client in the hands of the healthcare professionals. That’s an enslavement paradigm that doesn’t work.

It’s a backwards set up that psychologically puts the client at the mercy of the healthcare professionals, who are not acting professionally.

Remember, if there’s no client, there’s no job for the healthcare professional. That’s the deal. So act like the professionals you’re paid to be and treat the clients paying for your service with the respect and professionalism for which they pay.

The world calls you healthcare professionals, not healthcare friends or foes or families. If you hate a client, you’re in the wrong field. Liking or disliking a patient should never be a factor. You’re supposed to keep an emotional distance, not talk about a client behind their back, unless it’s about their care.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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