‘Folks’ Is Not A Racial Slur

‘Folks’ is not a racial slur.

So stop stealing words to exploit and hurt people for financial-political-social privilege. There’s that scam again, popping up everywhere to expose the lie.

Nobody uses the word ‘nigger’ anymore except the black people who claim it offends them, so they had to pick another word with which to continue the exploitation of white people.

Words belong to everyone unless they’re copyrighted. Blacks in America say let people out of jail who murder, rape and steal, in fact don’t separate them in the first place, but lock up everyone who uses the ‘nigger’ and now the ‘folk’ word, or at the minimum destroy their careers and businesses. But only if they’re white.

Geeze, it sounds like I’m talking about the Jews. Copycats are everywhere waiting to pounce. Better alert-up.

So what you’re saying is when then President Obama referred to white people as white folk as he often did, he was racially slurring white people? From the Presidential pulpit? Imagine that? Nobody even knew. Guess that black guy expressing his view on cable opinion news was really talking about himself and all the other racially insensitive Obamas of the world.

That’s what it sounds like to me – by black people’s definition of ‘folk’ meeting the requirements of a racial ‘slur’. You can’t have it both ways always in your favor even when you do the slurring.

Who knew folks were only black? Not me.

What are the requirements of a slur anyway, that can be simply understood? Nobody knows, nobody cares until a few cities get torched, because some black person had a dream that some white folk were going to burn down the houses and businesses of some black folk and ran through the town screaming folk, folk, folk he called me folk.

Looks to me like that dreamer got his colors mixed up.

Looks like blacks are again looking to gain privilege in the slur department. Nigger could only apply to them, because nigger comes from Niger (Africa) which means noir, a French word which means black.

Black people taking a word that white people use to describe themselves when referencing more than one, mostly in southern regions, and transforming it into a slur against black people, to gain slur-privilege, whereby any white person also using it to reference black people as black folk becomes a target, you’ve just created a black on white feasting occasion to feed the entire black race, based on prejudice, discrimination, enslavement and torture. Next step slaughter.

You like to be able to call yourselves ‘nigger’, so you need to stop making up other ‘nigger’ words out of words that white people call their families and friends to suit your cravings for supremacy.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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