American Militias Stand Ready As America Stands Down

American Militias Stand Ready As America Stands Down In Defense Of Terrorism On American Soil

If the USA government would strongly condemn the African military-style strategies of burning villages/cities now ‘instituted’ by Antifa, the military and terrorist wing of Blacks in America for the purpose of terrorizing a nation and forcing compliance to their demands, there would be no need for American militias to be on high alert and in a state of readiness to defend a country that their own government refuses to do.

In the past I didn’t support the existence of militias. Why would we need them? Why wouldn’t the USA government stand by its citizens in pursuit of a better life?

That was before immigrants came here for the sole purpose of changing America into the likeness of the countries they fled. When they put our democracy in jeopardy, I saw the need for militias, should some of these foreign factions plot and attempt to overthrow our government by force.

Allowing terrorism to freely express itself via agitators burning cities and destroying businesses of common folk on American soil, as well as making politicians fear for their lives and the safety of their families is the terrorism of which I speak. Their tactics also used by the Islamic State are too similar for comfort.

Freedom of assembly and freedom to protest does not and should not be construed as the right to destroy lives and property for the purpose of forcing the populace to join their fight to overthrow a nation or the people’s government that was freely elected and decided by that populace.

Because some don’t agree with the outcome of an election doesn’t mean the outcome isn’t valid. Hillary Clinton and her people still don’t believe that Donald Trump was legally elected, even after four years. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump and his people think the same when he lost by a nose.

But these two factions aren’t the one’s I’m worried about.

The other factions, which appear to be USA citizens backed by foreign interests is what concerns me the most.

It’s not a ‘Russia wants Trump’ or when Biden wins, it’s not about ‘Russia wanting Biden’. It’s more sinister than mudslinging hyperbolic advertisement meant to sway the opinions of prospective voters toward their candidate.

It’s more coup-oriented. The ones seemingly involved in this silent coup are the British and Spanish. Africa isn’t trying to overthrow the USA. It’s just that the Africans living here want a larger piece of the influential pie disproportionate to what their minority ratio status indicates is appropriate.

Perhaps the phrase ‘domestic terrorism’ needs to be revisited to re-determine just what domestic means, and then how it’s handled, so that the populace feels secure in going about their daily lives while being terrorized by these foreign-inspired domestic terrorists.

It appears that the opposition does not have the same rights to burn, destroy and pillage as do Antifa and Black Lives Occupiers.

I don’t support any of it, but as long as the USA government forces do, then militias will continue to be needed in order to protect the opposition where they peacefully assemble to protest whatever it is their right to protest.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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