You don’t need to trash white peoples to raise up another color.

You don’t need to trash one gender to raise up another gender.

You don’t need to trash one religion to raise up another religion.

You don’t need to trash those with homes to up raise the homeless.

You don’t need to trash the formally educated to raise up the learners from the street.

You don’t need to ignore the needs and rights of one animal in order to attend to the needs of another animal.

If you love one group who says you must hate an opposing group?

Today tomorrow next year last summer what does it all mean if we must humiliate some in order for some others to feel worthy?

Why can’t we do it all?

The only valid answer is we can.

The world has all the people it needs to delegate every single assignment, no matter how large or small or how many.

Judging from news stories it appears that the only worthy people in the world are blacks, hispanics and poor people and only if they’re liberals.

There is something startlingly wrong with that vision for a better life that the press keeps thinking is their responsibility to project, so that the rest of the world will follow.

If being black or Hispanic or poor or liberal were so great, we’d all be there. They don’t want to be there. Your missing the point of oppression.

Oppressed people are stressed to their limits. Telling them that they are more worthy than anyone else makes matters worse. They know they’re not and they are not going to accept your premise that they can be happy as oppressed people.

Oppressed people are not operating from the advantage of their best behavior. Their stress levels don’t permit it. So you don’t see that best foot forward unless it’s an act to exploit someone to open their purse.

There is no real. Peoples who have been oppressed the longest, when they finally are free, they are not very good examples of human behavior. Occupation by foreign forces or domestic forces or even by family members denigrates the value of the individual forcing them to act in ways they don’t agree with for the purpose of survival.

When then President Bush told all the poor people needing health care to ‘just go to the emergency room’, he was assigning them debts that they’d never be able to pay.

Hospitals still charge even when the person can’t pay. They go through the billing process, the collections and end up in some lawyers file to be pursued in court for non-payment. When they lose, and they will, they have that mark on them forever ruining their credit, which means no car, no house, no anything.

So raising poor people up where they are, without a change in their status is cruel and it’s even more cruel for the media to jump in and try to calm their waters by dumping on everybody else as unworthy, to make the poor people feel better.

  • A prison is a prison. How you feel about it doesn’t make much difference.

Then you all support kids from rich families burning the cities where poor people live to make them feel better? Those poor people live in those cities.

Poor people already know what destruction looks and feels like.

They don’t want more of it.

The people whom Antifa and Black Lives Terrorists are presenting to the world as needy enough to burn villages and businesses to protest conditions of oppression, do not show any of the signs and symptoms of real oppression.

Oddly the ones carrying out these attacks, who are children of the rich in comparison show greater signs and symptoms of oppression than do the black people on whose behalf they claim to commit these crimes.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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