What You Do Next Is Critical

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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2 replies on “What You Do Next Is Critical”

There have been several mass extinction events in geologic history. The next mass death or dying off will likely be caused by man, and sorry to say, will condemn many species of life to extinction. Man is a problem now for all life on the planet. He needs to learn to live in greater harmony with nature. But, that goal (or value) is not taught in the profit driven West.


Unfortunately, even when all the signs are there, humans fail to act until it’s upon them – and even then, they respond in insignificant ways. They show no interest in planning reversal policies or implementing prevention strategies to benefit the planet and all who inhabit it. Their lack of interest is driven by greed and a desire to stay ignorant. Perhaps the next event will be the mass extinction of humans. All the signs are there.

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