We’re Talkin’ Plantation Dues Here

Say No To Preferred Status and Preferential Corona/Covid Benefits For Blacks In America.

There are more poor white people than poor black people in America. There are more obese white people with diabetes and high blood pressure than black people with the same.

It isn’t that the CC Virus is targeting black people, or that white people are giving black people The Virus.

It’s their own stupidity that invites The Virus for dinner. It’s their own stupidity that refuses to acknowledge The Virus is nothing more than the flu. It’s their own stupidity that tells them not to give a shit, to go out and mingle in close contact, hugging, touching, masks off, sharing spit, shouting to the air, stomping their feet, dancing in circles, hooting and hollering, waving the air like it’s a rug being beaten.

They go out when everybody else stays home. They want to catch The Virus.

Go ahead spread it around so you can claim racism once again – all based on your own stupidity. Go ahead blame the white man woman child for this too. ‘We’re not gonna let no virus tell us how to live’. Yeah well, stop scamming the government for preferential health benefits for stupidity.

There’s no treatment for stupidity, so don’t waste the tax payers money on those who won’t play by the rules anyway. If you tell them to cover they won’t. It’s who they are. Confrontational. Natural Born Resisters – to everything.

So this is the deal the black representatives put forth, ‘our people are too ignorant and stupid to know about viruses and sickness, so we have to protect those who refuse to protect themselves. We get first dibs on anything virus-connected, so our people don’t die and so they don’t pass it onto others, so they can keep whoring and drug pushing and child smuggling in all the sleazy bars around Cleveland Ohio. You owe us. Jim Crowe owes us. The Thirteen Colonies owe us. Mount Rushmore owes us’.

Well gee, why didn’t you tell us from the beginning that you’re a special needs class plagued with stupidity and ignorance and resistance I might add, since your people spread a lot of that NASTY VIRUS via their respiratory mucous, not droplets, everywhere they burned cities and destroyed people and property. So we’ll slip you into a new category called Handicapped by Race. So you’ll be protected by race and your race will be rightfully deemed a handicap, for which you should receive some hefty benefits.

  • Think of it as a back door to reparations. The only problem I see is once you walk through that door, there’s no turning back. You will always be viewed by the world as Challenged By Handicap. Maybe you already are.

Yeah I see it now. Constantly rubbing the mucous from your noses onto your clothes and arms and through your hair and stroking each other. Rub the goo on your child’s coat or yours. Don’t have a hanky? Actually, you don’t use tissues or hankies; it’s too complicated. Gloves, mittens work.

They stick their fingers in their eyes a lot too. I see this brother at the bus stop rubbing some kind of goo from a jar in his eyes real hard, like he thinks they can’t get hurt by him poking so hard and rubbing them so hard – to make them red and watery. He’s gonna go blind if he keeps doing that. I want to give him some advice, but I think he does it for money and I don’t have any today. Last time he tried to scam me at the register as I was checking out at Walgreens, he got real aggressive, then promised me he’d go to a meeting, when I called him out on it – after I paid him. A guy like him and countless others need more than a meeting – he needs serious rehab.

Why is it, again, that drug and alcohol treatment isn’t free for anyone who wants it? There is no good reason. Only excuses. Congress can approve multi-trillion dollars in stimulus and relief checks to the wealthiest of companies who should be able to take a hit now and then considering all the money they make, but we can’t make treatment for addiction free. Addicts don’t need affordable treatment. Free treatment is what they need.

Democrats don’t push for that. They tell the states to handle it their way. Mistake. That’s procrastination and pushing the responsibility off onto someone else. When addicted people scream out for help they want and deserve it now, not in a year.

What one has to go through to get it, discourages even the soberest among us when they’re trying to assist a friend or family member. It’s too complicated, which leads me to believe, the process of acceptance is designed to discourage participation. It’s like applying to college. Worse.

What are they afraid of, spending a little money or decreasing liquor sales? If you’re going to advocate for the sale of liquor, then you need treatment programs for those who can’t handle the liquor.

Why no movement on that? Congress thinks everyone gets what they need when they need it?

Congress works with one collective dull brain. It’s not a Republican vs a Democrat issue. Addiction knows no boundaries. If you can bail out states that mismanaged tax payers money by gambling on Wall Street with it, I’d say start the addiction rehabilitation right there. Congress.

Banks do the same thing. They gamble on Wall Street with the money you deposit into your accounts, which they think is theirs. You did not give them permission to do that, so you should get a cut on the returns and less than one percent interest doesn’t come close.

If you want to make a huge withdrawal you can’t, because they gambled your money and lost, and now they have to sell some stock to give you your money. That practice of companies gambling with your money needs to be outlawed. Why did Congress approve it in the first place?

If it’s legal, some Congress somewhere approved it in some bill somewhere.

Yeah yeah, so the real reason Blacks want preferential consideration for anything to do with free benefits is that they don’t know how to follow instructions and they don’t like being told what to do – by anyone, even each other. One black gal told me that’s why Blacks beat their kids, their dogs and each other. It’s the only way they learn. They love them, but they need those beatings to activate the learning process and make the learning stick.

Madison Avenue targets black people with their ads for unhealthy lifestyles and Blacks are flattered. I guess that speaks the volumes I was seeking.

‘So better that you just give us that privilege so we can get on with our business of exploiting everybody. We’re really good at that, but that virus stuff, protection? You mean like condoms? What, you want me to protect you by covering my face? You’re kidding me right? What, you don’t want to see my black skin; I gotta cover it up to protect you? No way Jose, not in this lifetime on this planet. I’m gonna stick it right out there – cough, cough, mucous spreading everywhere.’

He’s so tall, run, all his droplets are falling on us!!! Get out of here, now.

‘Do you get the picture? Okay then, do we have a deal? Those old people are dying anyway, they’re Jim Crowe’s people, let ’em die we say, give their share to us. Or elllse…?’

Or else what?

‘We burn the whole mother fuckin’ plantation down. That’s what.’

Sounds like you’ve got some Jim Crowe in you.

‘wha wha whaaa’

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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