The Subversive Racism Nobody Talks About

It’s too overwhelming that each time I see, think about or interact with a black person I have to see, think about and interact with the entire race – billions of people – whereby the individual is no longer singular but a multitude upon multitudes.

That’s mind control at work by terrorists who want to own your thoughts, impressions and perceptions.

That’s proof that in black culture the black individual DOES NOT MATTER.

Now that’s racism. I’ve never witnessed racism as pervasive and subversive as that.

If it worked on and against me, then it’s working on and against all whom move – even on and against their own.

That’s evil and that’s dangerous – to even want to own and control another’s thoughts, but everybody, all animals included? Their souls too. Soul Food they call it because they killed the animal whose soul they wanted to consume. Religious sacrifice. Black magic.

That’s terrorism at work incognito subversive (IS).

That’s the game plan. Ugly and smooth so you don’t notice the moves until you wake up to the horror that their ugly attacked you with a smile and have a blessed day to distract you from their truth.

Satan won THIS round.

OR SO NATAS THINKS. Smooth me once…not too smart of Natas.

The underground black leadership wouldn’t let Barack Obama say he was half white. To this day he dances all around the issue.

He essentially denied his white race. Sure, by saying his mother was white he didn’t deny her race, but come to think of it, if he didn’t deny hers, then why deny his by omission?

Maybe she really wasn’t his mother. His grandfather was CIA, so who knows what really went on there. He said he was a black man because his skin was black.

His white didn’t matter because no one could see it. So even Obama thought through his skin without looking any deeper.

That’s stereotyping. Skin color told the whole story in his view. Yet he became President of the USA. And still it’s not enough.

It would go a long way in the white community for him to publicly announce his true races. He is biracial – black and white.

That he doesn’t feel the need to do it when black lives terrorists are systematically terrorizing the world on his behalf is hypocritical, self-serving and hurtful to all those white people who supported him, who were not racist.

Now all of a sudden they don’t matter. Who’s the racist now?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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